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How to Use the Mascara Fan Brush

Aside from the standard mascara wand that comes with the tube, we betcha never knew there was another brush that could be used to apply mascara with. Well didja? Didja?!

Oh, we’re only teasing! You probably didn’t know, and it’s perfectly okay. What we’re referring to is the mascara fan brush. It’s not wildly publicized, but has a totally legitimate purpose that you just might find useful when going for the no-makeup makeup look.

Reason being, a mascara fan brush deposits less color than a wand, resulting in a soft, natural lash. It’s something you’ll see makeup artists doing backstage when trying to achieve a delicate look, so you know it’s fancy and worth a try!

To use:
-Either apply mascara from your normal wand onto the tips of a small fan brush, or dip the tips of the fan brush into gel liner.

-Place the brush tips at the edge of your lash line, nestling it in a bit to create definition (almost like you’re tight-lining). Sweep upward from root to tip. Continue in small, light strokes to create soft, flutterly lashes.

-Repeat on the bottom last line, taking more care not to get on the skin.

TIP: Don’t forget to clean brush after use so it doesn’t get hard and crusty!

Ready to try? Most small, stiff fan brushes could work, but if you want to do it right, snag what the pros use:

MAC - 205 Mascara Fan Brush
TIP: This brush is also great for separating lashes and removing clumps after applying mascara with a wand.

Claudio Riaz- Lash Touch Brush, $65

Paula Dorf - Perfect Mascara Fan Brush

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