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How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Beauty Benefit

Sometimes when the magic of a truly wondrous product is discovered, people explode with excitement and hype it up so much that while everyone and their mom would say “yeah, I’ve heard [enter product here] is awesome,” they’ve been so bombarded with info that they can’t even really remember how or why the product is so great, and the magic gets lost in the shuffle. Enter coconut oil. 

By now you’ve surely heard that coconut oil is a miracle product that is good for you internally and externally, and can be used for practically anything and everything under the sun. All true, by the way. Which is why we wanted to revisit this topic to make sure the hype didn’t overshadow the truly awesome benefits of this all-natural beauty product. So follow the link below to read Marie Claire’s non-overhyped article about why you should be harnessing coconut oil’s powers for your beauty benefit. 

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