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How To Remove A Gel Manicure at Home

Some of the girliest of all girls reside here at the Health Beauty Life office. Seriously, our beauty obsessions run deep. But let us count the many ways in which we absolutely, positively HATE having to paint our own nails…

1. The inevitable smudge within seconds of completion.

2. The inevitable chips within days.

3. The sheer number of hours we spend fixing said smudges and chips. 

4. Well, you catch our drift…

In order to avoid #1-3, it goes without saying that some of us have developed serious addictions to gel polish manicures. The only drawback we can even think of are the times when we want to give our nails a break between several gel sessions (yes, we’re nice enough to let them breathe occasionally), and don’t want to spend the time or money to have them removed at the salon. Well guess what? You no longer need to. Here’s how to remove a gel polish manicure at home…

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