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How to Plan Your Best Trip Ever

How To Plan the BEST TRIP EVER

One of my favorites things to do is travel! Now, I know what you are thinking: EVERYONE loves to travel, but it is SUCH a pain to plan a vacation. I am not going to lie, you are going to have to put in the time to research how to plan the best trip ever, but it IS possible. And I am letting you in on my secrets. Follow these 6 steps to efficiently and effectively plan the best…trip…EVER.

1) Decide on a Destination
-What is important to you? Food? Fashion? Climate? Convenience? Adventure?
-Make a list of MUST HAVES; do NOT deviate from this list.
-Create an inspiration board (on Pinterest) that reflects destinations with your MUST HAVES
-Define a PURPOSE of the trip. [your VISION of the trip]



2) Where to Stay
-Determine your style: modern, traditional, boutique, large resort, all-inclusive
-Set price range: STICK TO THIS!
-Decide on area: middle of the action or quiet and secluded?

Define your preferences:
-convenient times
-level of luxury
-method of payment (points or cash)
HOW will you book?
-Direct with airline
-Discount Sites
-Credit Card website
-Travel Agent
-Hotel Concierge

4) Where to EAT

Ok here is the EXACT formula I use to research restaurants:

Eater 38 + Local Magazines + National Publications + Blogs

**Find the common denominators between each publication + stick to your must haves.**




5) What to DO?

-Define PURPOSE: laid back, adventurous, see + be seen
-Utilize travel blogs and local publications for ideas.
-Reach out to friends/family who have visited the location for their MUST DOs.
-Email hotel concierge to uncover best kept secrets and obscure activities.


6) Create an ITINERARY
-Organize thoughts by day and time of day, i.e.: breakfast, lunch, dinner with activities in between.
-SHARE with other parties in the group and the hotel concierge

Conde Nast
Travel + Leisure
Travel Blogs (start Googling)
Luxury Link
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Local Publications
Trip Advisor (Take these reviews with a grain of salt. Find travelers that boast a similar style and interests.)
Social Media: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram
Referrals from friends

Want a head start on a few destinations? Visit these posts for some travel inspiration: ATL, Beantown Baby, J’Adore St. Barths. Am I missing anything? Feel free to comment for additional thoughts and ideas. And MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN!!!

Life Lutzrious

Life Lutzurious was designed as a creative outlet powered by passion to inspire you to find your inner-lutzurious. Beneath the not-so-professional pictures taken mostly by Lindsey and her beloved hubster, her blog is about all things lutzurious: fashion, food, travel, design, and life. Whether she is researching the hottest hotels, the latest fashion trends, or updates about her favorite football team, it is important to her to be able to share her knowledge. Lindsey hopes to continue to motivate and inspire those she loves the most through Life Lutzurious.


By: Lindsey at LifeLutzurious.com

Photos: Lindsey at LifeLutzurious.com

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2 comments on “How to Plan Your Best Trip Ever
  1. Tabitha says:

    Great article. We were trying to decide between Cabo, Turks & Caicos and a couple of other beach destinations and someone ended on Tulum. We leave on Wednesday. One thing we never do is put together an itinerary and I always wish we had. I am going to work on this today. Thanks for the info. Tab

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