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How to Mix Prints and Look Chic

Are you bored with the classic outfits where everything matches? Where no chances are taken on bold prints and bright colors for fear that it won’t match? Then it’s time to attempt mixing and matching prints.

A great way to get some inspiration is by looking at Japanese fashion. They’re masters of mixing prints but still looking chic. Tokyo has actually become one of the leading fashion cities after Paris, Milan and New York, and maybe we could be so bold as to say that they have a leading edge.

house of fraser pic
There is a certain savvy to mixing prints and colors, but it’s not impossible. Remember that it doesn’t have to “match,” it just has to “go” together.

Must-have’s for Successful Print Mixing
* Choose one color to repeat in every piece of clothing, to achieve a general theme.
* Combine abstract prints, like stripes, with solids (flowers, etc.).
* Mix small designs with larger-scale ones.
* Match geometrical patterns with any other kind of print.
* Animal prints, a favorite of the moment, can be mixed with pretty much everything.
* Not ready to make a big commitment with your entire outfit? Start small with a blouse in a nice print, and add in accessories of a different pattern, like a fabulous purse.
* Keep one item of clothing in a print and go wild with colorful, bold add-ons, like shoes in a bright hue and bulky pieces of jewelry.
* Create some visual division between prints with a solid-colored belt. It will attract attention without overwhelming the outfit.

Choosing the Right Mix
Mixing prints exudes an air of confidence and uniqueness that will make you feel amazing! Still, there are some things to consider beforehand. To have the best results, there must be consistency and similarity throughout each piece of the outfit; a general theme to hold everything together. There must also be balance between your body type and the prints. Those with small frames should avoid clothes with large prints because they will overwhelm, and the desired look will be lost. Rely on basic prints and build the ensemble from there: stripes, polka dots, animal print and classic floral prints.

Good luck mixing!

Guest Author: Tiina’s extensive fashion background ranges from international model to fashion publicist, giving her unique insight and first-hand experience into the broad spectrum of today’s fashion industry. She has published more than 100 articles on latest trends in fashion and some of them are available on www.TiinaTheStore.com.

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