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Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Lose Weight to Feel Great!

We’ve all heard it- the key to losing weight is not going through painful exercises and sacrificing your diet but altering your meals and increasing your physical activity to achieve physical results.


The first and foremost important thing for losing weight is to burn the calories of your body compared to the amount you intake. So DO: drink lots of H2O and limit your portion size.


Try to avoid temptation. That vending machine in your office, heading to the supermarket on an empty stomach, or increasingly eating out. Instead make more home cooked meals that appeal to your diet, go for lower calorie intake and nutrient rich meals.


Another thing that can help you reduce weight is to consume less sugar, salts and fats. The major source for consumption of sugar are sodas, candy, chips and so forth. BUT, even the simplest salad dressing can be more than 1/2 the sugar or sodium in just one day. Focus on fresh juices, organic vegetables, lean meat and remember- lots of water.


Apart from your diet physical exercise is top priority for looking and feeling your best. Try to set a goal, either in writing or via your mobile phone, app or diary. If you find it difficult to go to the gym because of your busy schedule you can go for the walk  after dinner for about 30 to 45 minutes. Running, riding a bike, playing basketball, swimming, tennis and golf are also all outdoor activities than can stimulate your routine!


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