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Yoga for Beginners in 5 Steps

Learning Yoga is like learning all new activities, it takes time and patience to master. One of the first things to remember about Yoga is that it is not done by just stretching your body. Yoga is a form of exercise that if done properly creates balance, flexibility, freedom from joint pain & muscle aches.  By performing different poses and postures there are great spiritual, mental and physical benefits.

Learned Benefits of Yoga:

  • Flexibility will help you to become more flexible by stretching your body and doing a range of motions to relax your muscles and joints.
  • Strength will help you learn how to balance and support your weight by performing various poses from posture to muscle toning.

The Mental Benefits of Yoga:

  • Overall calmness. Yoga requires  meditation to create a fixated concentration that will keep your mind calm. Meditation is a good benefit of Yoga in order to relieve your stress, as well as putting things into perspective.
  • Body awareness. Yoga helps you to improve your body condition which can positively lead  to more confidence and less discomfort from disease or daily problems.

Now, that you know more about yoga, the next step is to practice. Before you start doing yoga, picking what type of yoga that suits for you is important. You can read some wellness magazines, do some research online or find a class  where they can offer the list of yoga styles that is right for you. If you want to practice in your home or alone there are books and videos you can use. If you want to take a class, you need to invest in your mat and proper workout attire so that you are comfortable.

5 Steps to Yoga Perfection

In order to start yoga especially for beginners, the first step is to purchase the basic equipment you need. A mat, comfortable pillow, water bottle, online videos or DVD’s , books and of course, yourself are the basic tools needed in order to get started.

The second step is to warm up by stretching a few minutes before your practice begins.

The third step is to do a Lotus Pose. Simply put your feet on the top of your thighs as seen during meditation and take deep breaths to calm yourself.

The fourth step is to do a cat- cow pose. this is a gentle flow between two poses that warms the body and brings flexibility to the spine.  For a thorough example click here.

The final step is to do the Mountain Pose by standing up, closing your eyes, and put your hands to your chest.

Keep practicing these five steps until you get comfortable.

Yoga Do’s & Don’ts

When you are a beginner in Yoga, you should also know the Do’s and Don’ts before you start. Before you Practice you should eat light meals. Don’t drink an excessive amount of water especially during, however stay hydrated before and after. Try your best not to wear shoes and socks while practicing. Do check out and review yoga tips and etiquette and familiarize yourself in basic yoga poses especially when you are a beginner.

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