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How to Host a Fall Dinner Party

How to Host a Fall Dinner Party, you ask? For a personalized take on your fancy fall feast, we’ve tied in with our friends at The Knot is the Internet’s most-trafficked one-stop event planning solution and a Health Beauty Life fave. Make your autumn bash truly one of a kind with these handpicked and personalized tips, tools and tableware.

Personalized Clipboard

Get it Together!

Be prepared to make “To-Do” lists or a calendar to help you create a budget, anticipate the decorations you will need and things you may ask for your guests to bring. Most dinner parties work well with six to twelve guests. More can require separate tables and divide the intimacy of the group. Think either an outdoor afternoon or an evening in and and incorporate your ideas around your theme and occasion.

Personalized Note Cards

Invite Guests
An invitation sets the tone of the event you are hosting. For fall, think of warmer shades when choosing a card or stationary. Print or designs related to the season include colors like carafe, burnt sienna, plum, evergreen, gold or samba.

Kensington Personalized Apron and oven Mitt

Get Cookin’
Research dishes using herbs and spices, vegetables, fruits and sauces that represent autumn and are complimentary to your theme. Choose a few recipes that require less time in the kitchen.

Garnish the Table: Theme Your Evening
Dress your rustic soiree or crafty candlelit evening with hip tableware and flowers for a fancy fall touch.

Personalized Tableware

Personalized Cutting Boards $50.00/each

Personalized Serving Tray


Giving Thanks
Dinner parties are a great way to bring friends and family together, while showing off your cooking skills. Give your guests an end of the meal gift like a bottle of wine paired with this funky canvas tote!

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