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How to Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs

All spring and summer, you’ve been enjoying the taste of fresh herbs, maybe even from your own garden.

A couple weeks ago, we showed you how to take fresh mint straight from the garden and use it to dress up your summer drinks by freezing it into flavorful ice cubes. Well what if a similar method could be used to bring some of your other herbs with you into the winter months?

This is possible with a little help from your freezer.

Herb Image

Water or Broth
Place liquid into ice cube trays and add herbs, or blend together first. These are ideal for tossing into soups and stews.

Same method as, you can make oil & herb ice cubes. These can also be added straight into a cooking pot, or tossed in a pan with onions or other vegetables to sauté and infuse flavor.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can first make your herbs into an oil based pesto before freezing.

Freezer Bags
If you tightly pack your herbs, they can be frozen alone in freezer bags, a good choice for herbs you might use in bulk, such as parsley or chives.

Before packing any herbs to be frozen, wash and dry throughly. Pick out stems and bad leaves.

With all above methods, express all air from storage bags to avoid freezer burn.

Have your own signature blend of herbs you enjoy? No need to freeze them separately- do it together so they’re ready to go.


Enjoy the taste of summer year round!


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