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How to Feel Naturally Prettier with Lash Tinting

If your lashes are dark and thick enough that you have no use for mascara, you’re a lucky little freak of nature, and we would trade our souls for your lash line. Unfortunately, that’s not most women’s reality. In the HBL offices alone, we spend a small fortune on our never ending hunt for the perfect mascara. Because similar to eyebrows, bold lashes can completely transform your face.

As much as we love the little black/brown/colored sticky stuff, there are days where even we feel like skipping it. Especially those of the beach or gym variety, since mascara running down your cheeks has yet to be in-style. Regardless, wouldn’t it just be nice to “naturally” have more definition and feel a tad prettier sans mascara? That’s where lash tinting comes in.

Lash tinting is especially life changing for women with light or blonde lashes, but even if your lashes are dark, sometimes they fade towards the ends, and/or you still have some lighter baby lashes hiding out on the lash line that are dying to make their debut into the world.

Done in salons and spas by a trained esthetician, the price can range from about $20 to $40 (a small price to pay for no-make up confidence). Like mascara, you can choose from different colors- black, brown, blue/black.

For the procedure, you lay back like you would when having you brows waxed. Usually vaseline is applied to the surrounding skin, so no dye ends up on your face, and sometimes they place a small pad under the eye for extra measure. The tint is applied directly onto your lashes, and after “processing” for about ten minutes, the leftover residue is wiped away. Depending on the dye used, the process could be a little different (i.e. some use two coats). But either way, the result is “naturally” dark lashes…for about 4-6 weeks.


Note that tinting isn’t going to actually thicken your lashes, but by darkening what’s already there, including those tiny baby hairs, they will appear thicker. Depending on how light your lashes are, the results can range from subtle to life-changing. And we’re just going to go ahead and say we think it’s totally worth it. So before you leave for Spring Break or hit your first pool of the year, you best try this out! Oh, and they do sell DIY lash tinting kits, but until we try them out and report back to you, we suggest getting it done the safe and foolproof way at a salon or spa.

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