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How To: Achieve a Star Studded Smile

You’ve got to admit… that when your favorite celebrities come to mind one of the first things you comment on is their smile. Whether they are sweet and charming or sexy and alluring, they have all got one thing in common: their teeth are white, straight and beautifully shaped.

Take the following stars – all are known for their award winning smiles:

Just to name a few… we think you’ll agree that each of their smiles has a certain edge that makes you look at your own in a new light.

How to achieve a celebrity smile:

Stars go great lengths to achieve such smiles for instance the following tricks and treatments your favorite celebrities love to use. Each work to transform the appearance of their teeth:

  • Veneers– this treatment is particularly popular as they not only cover up discoloration and crocked teeth, but done properly they can last up to 10 years. Now it is important to note that veneers costs thousands to have and involve shaving away some of your tooth enamel to help stick them on so if you are considering it, it is important that you weigh up the pros and cons.
  • Teeth whitening – the most popular of treatments, teeth whitening can range from gels and pens to super fast laser teeth whitening, even strips and of course  professional bleaching at your dentist. Done twice a year they can help your teeth become up to  11 shades whiter.
  • Braces – popular among younger stars, many are opting for braces even when they don’t need them to help them achieve a straight smile.
  • Make-up – the easiest way to enhance your face is to make clever makeup choices. For your complexion it is recommended you cleanse and moisturize, apply a light foundation and finish with a dusting of loose powder. For your lips blue-based red lipsticks help to counteract yellowness. And for your whole body it is suggested that you add a sun kissed glow using bronzer.
  • Teeth layout – recently celebrities have taken up a new trend of getting their veneers and teeth shaped to have slight imperfections so their teeth look more natural. For instance Kate Middleton is believed to have undergone such treatment.

So if you are looking to achieve a celebrity smile, why not give some of these celebrity tricks a try and experience the confidence of a brighter smile.



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40 comments on “How To: Achieve a Star Studded Smile
  1. Michelle says:

    these celebrity show great smiles for a successful look.

  2. What a great Articel, thank you for the information ;-)

  3. jolie says:

    amazing smile and fresh skin

  4. celebrity says:

    Have a Beautiful smile daily!!

  5. markymarc7 says:

    Aweomse smile. It glows. I have found new inner confidence since my inman aligner and my awesome home teeth whitening product. You can get it also right here


    To your health. Make the world a better place

  6. Jimmy says:

    She is a beautiful. I love her smile

  7. Joshua Hope says:

    They all have beautiful smiles, although unless you use a natural remedy like the one i do, having that Hollywood smile can cost a lot of money. I know - I almost went for it!!
    My teeth are great - not as nice as the superstars i’ll admit, but i do get complimented on my smile a lot by people, which is real nice.

  8. all of them looks wounderful keep smiling !!!


  9. Smile Big says:

    I really love Jessica Alba’s smile.

  10. Rachel says:

    Wow such nice smiles! I hope to achieve a bright and beautiful smile such as that. Check out this blog I found about how to get Pearly white teeth. http://celebritywhitesmilenow.blogspot.com/


  12. What a great smile

  13. Great smile makes her more beautiful and glorious

  14. Sarah says:

    Nicole is amazing she so beautiful

  15. Idol White says:

    great post!!

    White teeth make brighter smiles

  16. Alta white says:

    there’s nothing like a beautiful smile!

  17. Alta white says:

    a beautiful smile is a big deal!

  18. lacy says:

    Before veneers, this is something to try


  19. Stay Pretty says:

    Stay pretty like the stars!

  20. Jennifer Garner has a wholesome and radiant smile!

  21. Nicole is so beautiful and a great smile. http://tinyurl.com/khvp97j

  22. Idol Whie says:

    Its a must for the stars to have a beautiful smile!!!!!

  23. Eric says:

    Love her smile.

  24. Kim always has white teeth.

  25. Where fashion meets celebrity,

  26. celebrity smile says:

    I love Nicole Scherzinger smile!!!!

  27. Not only talented but smart.

  28. Lisa says:

    celebrities always have tricks :)

  29. Sd Fahad says:

    I love her smile :)

  30. Ivory Smile says:

    I love Beyonce Knowles smile is just beautiful.

  31. Nicole Scherzinger shines !

  32. Celebrities love to use tricks and treatments to achive GREAT smiles. Each work to transform the appearance of their teeth. http://mhlnk.com/AFCD6583

  33. joe says:

    Even while pregnant, Kim is still all about Fashion! http://bit.ly/W1c8ls

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