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Hot Air Balloon Expeditions


To begin your day in Scottsdale right, we recommend a sunrise flight over the beautiful Sonoran desert with the crew of Hot Air Expeditions.

HOT_AIR_BALLON Our one-of-a-kind experience began at daybreak with a great flurry of activity, as the majestic balloons are dramatically inflated while the staff and crew ready their crafts for flight.

In a matter of minutes, the balloons are ready for take-off.

Passengers step into the roomy hand crafted baskets (some of which carry as many as 24 riders) followed by a silky smooth lift-off and a graceful ascent to a cruising altitude of just under 9,000 feet.

Once aloft, the views and photographic opportunities are spectacular, as the balloon gently glides over the immense Sonoran landscape.

Affording a 360 degree view of the horizon, native flora and the occasional desert creature below, the early morning balloon experience is at first exhilarating, then serenely paced, tranquil and relaxing.

We found it the ideal way to become acquainted with the magnificent Sonoran desert on a typically beautiful Scottsdale morning.

During the flight, the skilled pilots point out and identify landmarks, share information about the sights below and enhance the experience by explaining the mechanics of balloon flight, as they conduct the necessary adjustments to guide the craft safely along.

In addition to jackrabbits, coyotes, and roadrunners, wild deer, burros and javalina are common sights from above.

At the conclusion of each excursion, after gently touching down, riders are treated to a delicious catered meal and a glass of celebratory champagne.

All of the menu items are prepared by Vincent Guerithault, a nationally acclaimed chef, known for his classic yet rustic Southwestern cuisine.

HOT_AIR_BALLON_MEAL The meal, champagne and attentions to detail perfectly complement the Hot Air Expeditions experience.

Don’t miss it.

Hot Air Balloon Expeditions
7575 East Princess Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
800 831 7610

By: Greg Root
Photos: Allen Carrasco and
Courtesy of Hot Air Ballon Expeditions


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