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5 Tips for Conquering the Clutter


Simple Home Organizing Tips for Instant Success

Life is so hectic that you need to be a sort of a superhero to keep on top of everything. (If any of you are planning a new cartoon franchise based on the idea, remember who planted the seed.)

With all the other commitments we have in our lives, keeping your home organized can feel like a full-time job, but we’re here to prove it doesn’t have to be! So messy Mollys and hoarders listen up, because the following are five organizing solution tips to help keep staying organized as easy as possible:

Don’t Let it Build Up
home-organization-full-pic Easier said than done, this is the key to staying organized – do not let the situation get the point where things are disorganized. For example, if it takes half an hour a day to keep your home organized, yet you only do these tasks once a week, it will take you more like six hours. This is because a stitch in time really does save nine, and it is also psychologically easier to commit to a half hour task that you don’t enjoy, rather than a six hour task that you don’t enjoy.

Optimal Use of Space
No matter how much space we have, it never seems to be enough. Consequently, we either have to keep on up scaling our home, or make better use of the space we have. We say do a little bit of both. Plastic storage boxes, vacuum storage bags, and the digitizing of books and music is a great way to free up valuable space.

Out With the Old
Commit to a spring clean more often than just once a year (Winter Cleaning, anyone?). Throw out, donate, or sell clothing and other items that you no longer use or need. You’ll probably be surprised by how much you’ve acquire.

Multi-Purpose Pieces
Sofas that convert to beds and other pieces of furniture that add flexibility to your home free up space, allowing for greater storage. For example, two identical tables can be used separately, and when required to entertain, placed together to form one large table.

Outdoor Storage Box
People often limit their organizing ideas to the indoors; however, if you have a yard, it too must be kept organized. Plastic outdoor storage boxes are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and sizes, are weather-resistant, and are ideal for storing toys and gardening equipment. These types of boxes can even be used to store indoor items outdoors, freeing up valuable living space.

Be proactive. Try these home organization tips while you’re stuck indoors this winter, and make spring/summer/fall cleaning a breeze!


Guest Author: Sharon is an avid writer who believes that an organized home leads to an organized life. She credits her savy, home organization tips, and storage solutions from Keter.com,  for making it possible.

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