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Hollywood Connection - The 2 Hour Rule


The Hollywood Connection

Incorporated in 1938, Palm Springs was fast becoming a who’s who of Hollywood’s brightest stars and a game changing hot-bed for world renowned mid-century architects.

Hollywood came for obvious reasons: pools, parties and a slip stream of connections all played out under a blazing sun in the magnificent Coachella Valley.  A starry place that got a little more star-crossed due to the infamous “two-hour rule” imposed by the major studios of the era. A rule that stipulated actors under studio contract “be no more than two hours” from their respective studios at any time.

Naturally, the stars gladly obliged.

Soon, the likes of Sinatra, Hope, Crosby and their pals could be found hanging out and carrying on.  Cary Grant threw poolside get-togethers at his Palm Canyon bungalow (where Copley’s restaurant is today) and well-heeled power brokers and deal makers mingled with rank and file America in a sun splashed, palm shaded oasis just a couple of hours outside of LA.

Palm Springs Hollywood Connections

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