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Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift is never easy nor is it often inexpensive. But sometimes the most thoughtful presents are with a little tender D.I.Y.

Here are some great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday or a get together that won’t put a dent in your wallet:

Mason Jars & Trail Mix:

Source: via Health on Pinterest


Have a ton of people to buy for? The neighbor who every year makes you a special pie. Your co-worker who always brightens your day?  Head to Michael’s or any craft store and purchase a handful of mason jars in any size you see fit. Buy some yarn or string too for a crafty “bow”. Then buy or mix your own version of trail mix that sounds delightful. The great thing is, trail mix is simple and easy to find anywhere. Then clean and wash your mason jars, dry them and make sure you take any labels or tags off. Pour your trail mix in to each and tight the seal. Then wrap with your simple yet creative bow and maybe even make a person tag or card too. This is sweet, thoughtful and edible! What’s not to love?

Say I Love You with a Frame:

Often times the most memorable gifts are photos. For your loved one, try doing something that will remind them of you each day throughout the year. A homemade frame with either a touch of artwork, a personal letter, the saved fortune cookie from your first date, or just a timeless photo- are all ideas to seal your frame with love. If you are on a budget, you can get this done in under $10!

To do this, pick out a frame that costs around $3-$6 dollars preferably a 4X6 or 5X7 in dimensions. Then either print a photo or use something you already have to decorate the inside of your frame. To wrap it, buy stock cardboard paper and decorate the outside with markers, stickers, buttons or glitter.  Use this as a collage for your children too while they are home for Christmas break.


A Gift for Mom:

Our Health Beauty Life mom’s love cooking and recipes. So why not turn this into a gift in one? Using an oven mitt (preferably new) fill the oven mitt with utensils for cooking: wooden spatulas, whisk, spoons or measuring cups.  Then type out your favorite recipe as a card. Paste your favorite recipe on the front and write a personal message in the inside fold. You can also fill the oven mitt with other goodies like candied walnuts, chocolate chips, cheese and sausage or cookies.

Source: via Health on Pinterest


And for Dad:

Dad’ love sweets! So treat your Dad to something tasty. Make your Dad a homemade gift box set of  goodies prepared by you or your children. Buy quick mixes that do not require a lot of money or time, but still taste fresh and moist. Home cooked brownies, rice treats. chocolate dipped pretzels, nutty chocolate squares, cake pops and peanut brittle are all ideas to make the most Ho-Ho, homely gift basket for Dad this season!

For your child & teens:

Kids love activities, art and crafts. So why not surprise your little one with a homemade felt board dedicated to them?

Source: via Health on Pinterest


Teens need to be organized… so why not get creative with a weekly Calendar that will “fit” their schedule & even colors of their room:

Source: via Health on Pinterest

Cheers to a Happy DIY Holiday!

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