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On November 1st we announced on Facebook our 10 FABULOUS winners of two amazing prizes: Enjoy Professional Hair Care Replenish system and Whitening Lightning Dial-A-Smile kit! In case you missed your name:

Winners of ENJOY Hair Care Replenish ARE:
Karen W. from York, PA
Kellie A. from Yakima, WA
Janie T. from Winter, FL
Adelaide N. from Wheaton, IL
Cindy T. from Shetlon, CT

Winners of Whitening Lightning Dial-A-Smile ARE:
Jessica L. from Julesburg, CO
Emma D. from Decatur, GA
Jan N. from Benton, AK
Liz T. from Austin, TX
Jenn C. from Elk Grove, CA

**Check your email for details and confirmation please!

What’s next for our giveaway??

Become a Health Beauty Life V.I.P. & click here to see our NOVEMBER GIVEAWAY.



Amy @ Health Beauty Life


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