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7 Steps To Surviving The Day After A Sleepless Night

Nobody sets out to get no sleep, but sometimes it just happens. So how do you survive the following day after a sleepless night, besides for in zombie mode? Follow the link below for 7 steps to take if you

How To Convince Yourself To Start Meditating

There’s no denying the fact that meditation has some serious benefits–it can help us deal with everything from chronic stress to clinical anxiety. However, there’s also no denying that it’s easy to find a million excuses for why you don’t

These Are The Most Effective Ab Exercises, According To Science

Not all ab exercises are created equal, and why do 30 reps of one move when 15 of another could suffice? Our thoughts exactly. Well there is actual scientific evidence on the best ways to sculpt your stomach, and if

What Hollywood’s Favorite Juice Bar Owner Eats Everyday

We’re always stalking the daily routines of celebs for health tips we can steal, but then it hit us: who better to look to for daily health hacks than someone who actually founded and owns a company that A-listers like Gwyneth

How To Lose An Inch From Your Thighs In 20 Minutes Without Surgery

Raise your hand if you want to lose an inch of thigh fat, but you can’t seem to get rid of it through diet and exercise, and don’t want to have surgery. Now bring that hand back down so you

Are Flower Essences The New Xanax? A Look At This Hip New Healing Craze

Flower remedies: it sounds out there, like far-far out there, but is using nature in a 100% safe way to treat our ailments really stranger than popping a man-made pill that comes with dozens of nasty side effects? We thinks

Laundry Day: How To Keep Your Workout Clothes Tight And Bright

We’re always going to be advocates of investing in good workout gear, if for no other reason than it’s basically the greatest motivator out there next to Candice Swanepoel’s body. But if you aren’t going to invest, we also want

10 Uber-Healthy Lunch Ideas From Fashion’s Fittest

Bored with your usual lunch routine? Well don’t wait too long to change that, or you’ll end up tossing your salad and resorting to fast food. Instead take a tip – or 10 – from some of our favorite models,

How To Tone Your Arms, Abs, And Tush All At Once

If we told you we knew how you could tone your arms, abs, and tush all in one move (and at home, no less), would you do it? Silly question- of course you would. Follow the link below for a

6 Expert Tips For How To Not Eat Sugar

Okay okay, we get it – sugar is literally the devil. But since sugar has been proven to be addictive, we need all the help we can get when it comes to trying to cut back on the sweet stuff.

27 Mood Lights That Keep You Happy By Fighting S.A.D.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing, people, and if you suffer from it, then you know. And now that we’re confined to desks and spend half of the day starting at computers and cell phones, we’re almost completely deprived
10 Badass Female Athletes You Should Follow On Instagram

10 Badass Female Athletes You Should Follow On Instagram

We’re constantly feeding you new sources of health and style inspo, but if you want some hardcore stuff, female athletes are where it’s at. These ladies aren’t just a serious source of fitspo, but of all around “lifespo” (and yes, we

15 Weird Celebrity Diet Tips

You know when a celebrity is asked how they stay so thin, and they giggle and reply “I drink a lot of water, and eat whatever I want” and you just want to punch them in the mouth? Well thankfully

6 Healthy, Life-Changing Habits From Sarah Neufeld Of Arcade Fire

Indie-rock violinist for Arcade Fire, a member of Bell Orchestre, and cofounder of a yoga studio…could Sarah Neufeld get any cooler? Not only that, but this busy cool-girl’s approach to health and wellness is one to be admired.  “I love

5 Warm Detox Drinks So You Can Cleanse The Cozy Way

Baby it’s cold outside, and a cold green juice doesn’t always sound particularly comforting on a frigid, snowy day. So how can you reap some detoxing benefits while staying warm and toasty? Follow the link below for 5 warm detox

Can’t Get Into Yoga Or Meditation? Try This Instead

There’s no denying the positive benefits from yoga and meditation. But there’s also no denying that it’s simply not for everyone. So what can a girl do to quiet her mind and reduce stress? It’s something your grandma probably loved,

So, The Hangover Pill Everyone Is Talking About Apparently Works

Google “how to prevent hangovers” and you’ll without a doubt get some snarky people who reply “don’t drink!” Well okay yeah, duh, but that’s just not realistic for some people, and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little booze

5 Quick, At-Home Leg Workouts

You’re probably to cold to even think about shorts right now, but short season will be here sooner than you know it, and are your gams ready? It not, fitness guru (and heartthrob) Akin Akman has come to the rescue

25 Simple Tweaks That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Health

Simple. Who doesn’t love the concept of simple? Especially when it comes to our health, considering the stress that comes from worrying about always doing/eating/drinking the right things is worse for your health than if you just drank the darn

5 Foods Nutritionists Would Remove From Your Cupboards

Have you ever dreamed of having a nutritionist come into your house and do a clean sweep of your kitchen? Well unless you’re willing to hire one, we have the next best thing. Meryl Pritchard, founder of Kore Kitchen, is

What Floating In A Sensory Deprivation Tank Is Really Like

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the trending sensory depravation float tanks, which is pretty much what it sounds like: floating in a tank of water filled with dissolved Epsom salt, alone, for an extended period of time. Whether this completely terrifies

7 Tips For Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight, By Chriselle Lim

If you follow Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, then you’ve undoubtedly seen her edibly-adorable, rolly-polly baby, Chloe (and yes, we made up the word ‘edibly’ specifically for Chloe–she’s that cute). Chloe is now a year old, and Chriselle hasn’t

Vegan Bone Broth: Here’s How To Make It

Bone broth was by far one of the buzziest food and health trends of 2015. Sounds totally gross, but its powers come from animal bones, which provide collagen, help boost your immune system, and improve gut health. However, the very

Meet Kirsten And Cristina, The Badass Women Behind POUND Fitness

If you’re alive and breathing, there’s no way you haven’t heard of POUND fitness–the badass workout that combines Pilates, cardio, and conditioning with drumming. Best-friends Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza came up with the system after realizing what most of

10 Minutes Of This Will Make Your Workout More Effective

If you’re going to go to the trouble of working out, you might as well do it right. And we’re here to tell you that you might be missing a simple 5-10 minute post-workout staple that’s hindering your progress. Follow

How 17 Powerful Women Stay Sane And Balanced

Staying sane is a much harder task than you would thought it’d be when you were in high school and “ugh, I just can’t WAIT to be an adult and be able to do whatever I want and I don’t

19 Ways To Detox Without Dieting

If the idea of a detox turns you off because you picture yourself practically starving to death and not having the energy to even lift your arm to hit “Yes, I’m still watching” on Netflix, then we have great news

A Guide To Kourtney Kardashian’s Wellness Belief System

Kourtney is the quietest of the Kardashian clan, which is unfortunate, because it turns out she’s a wealth of health knowledge! However, NYMag managed to drag it out of her, and we’re sharing it with as many people as we