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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Do you wait until the last minute every Halloween and always end up drawing on the same old boring cat face? Don’t get stumped for ideas this October. These easy makeup tutorials that will transform you into a dazzling movie character for you last minute scramblers out there. Master these easy makeup ideas for an instant identifiable costume, and all you’ll need to do is match up the rest of your outfit! With no liquid latex required, these simple, no stress makeup ideas are a great for the unorganized on All Hallows Eve.

Edward Scissorhands

This scissor-handed Tim Burton creation is surprisingly easy to recreate. The scary and recognizable look is a great choice for Halloween, and it’s such a great 90′s #throwback you’re not going to see 5 Edward Scissorhands costumes out on Friday night. Team up this amazing makeup with lots of dark clothing and jet black hair. No need for special effects latex make up for his scars, just head down to the makeup store! You will need:

Lightest liquid foundation

Lightest foundation powder

Lightest concealer

Matte brown, purple, black and white eye shadow

Nontoxic kids glue

Black contact lenses

  1. Make sure you pop in your contact lenses before applying your makeup to avoid irritation!
  2. Glue down your eyebrows and make sure they are dry before moving on to the next stage.
  3. Take your light liquid foundation and spread it across your face, ears and down your neck. Apply the light powder all over the freshly painted face. This will help your makeup last all night long!
  4. Take your lightest concealer and dab it on to your eyebrows. Then highlight your forehead, dark circles under your eyes, and chin. Then blend it slightly in with more powder.
  5. Mix the purple and brown eye shadow and draw a line from the edge of your lips towards your ear then blend the line to contour your cheeks.
  6. Define the sides of your face with the purple/brown mix from your temples to the sides of your forehead to achieve that gaunt look Edward has!
  7. Have an image of Edward Scissorhands at the ready to get a decent idea of where to place your scars. Use a toothpick to dab on the glue to recreate them.
  8. Gently dab the glue with your finger to flatten and make sure  it is completely dry before the next step. Conceal the scars to give them a more flesh-toned color and use the powder to set them.
  9. Use a mix of the matte eye shadows to achieve that soft sad eye look. Dab the purple eye shadow on to your lips to recreate Edward’s deathlike lips.
  10. Buy a cheap black wig and back brush it, or pick up some cheap wash out black hairspray if you don’t have natural black locks. Ta-dah, you’re Edward Scissorhands in 10 simple steps!

Black Swan

Recreating Natalie Portman’s Black Swan is a great option for those who don’t like the gore of blood and guts, but still want to stand out from everyone  else at the party.  All you need to achieve this sultry look is:

Lightest liquid foundation

Lightest foundation powder

Red matte blush

White eyeliner

Black eyeliner

Silver eyeshadow

Dark grey eyeshadow

Red lipstick

Red Contact Lenses

  1. If you choose to use red contact lenses, then make sure you put these in first to avoid irritation and ruining your makeup!
  2. Apply the light liquid foundation across your face, blending down your neck and throat recreating the gaunt and dramatic look of the Swan.
  3. Set the foundation with the light matte powder to keep the makeup from  sliding off your face and to give it an extra pop.
  4. Fill in the hollows of your cheek with the red matte blush. Lightly apply from your ear down to the corner of your lip.
  5. Use the white eyeliner to mark out the wings around your eyes. You want a rough parallelogram shape with smooth lines and pointed corners.
  6. Make sure your black eyeliner is sharpened and go over the white eyeliner outline with long fluid strokes.
  7. With the image of the Black Swan and a mirror handy, carefully re-create the black lines around the eyes starting from one side of the eye fluidly to the other. Put white eyeliner along the water line to really make your eyes pop!
  8. Apply red lipstick and use the black eyeliner as a lip liner, blending it into the lipstick.
  9. Slick back your hair in to a ballerina bun and top of with a tiara . Team up with a strapless black top and tutu (or a strapless black dress will do if you really are pushed for time!)
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