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Halcyon Days Salon & Spa

By: Kelly Taggart & Kristen Gunther for Health Beauty Life
Halcyon Days Salon and Spa- NYC
Hair: Yvette Gonzalez
Color: Marie Sigismondi
Make up: Mann Nance
Photo: Allen Carrasco

Saks Fifth Avenue & New York

Located in the lower level of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, the Halcyon Salon and Spa is where busy Manhattanites retreat to restore beauty and bliss to their otherwise chaotic lives. Translated as the “eye of the hurricane,” “Halcyon” is a place of complete calm and tranquility. That is exactly what you can expect when you walk in the doors to this self-described oasis of lavish pampering and quiet solitude. The talented team at the Halcyon Salon and Spa offers a complete range of services, from cutting and coloring to makeup application to spray tanning. Clients not only leave looking better, but feeling better… refreshed and rejuvenated, oblivious to whatever whirlwinds of work, kids or bad dates they left outside. The Halcyon Salon and Spa prides themselves on providing “a truly outstanding level of service offering leading-edge hair fashions and beauty services.” To showcase this caliber of talent, we followed a few of the in-salon experts step by step as they performed a complete makeover, from cut and color to styling and makeup.

Style Refresh: Keeping Current While Growing Hair Out

Vhanessa is growing out her naturally wavy hair and for the in-between stage, it has become a bit shaggy, weighted in certain areas with a very dry and dull surface. Keeping the longterm goal in mind, stylist Yvette Gonzalez and Marie Sigismondi (of Halcyon Days Salon and Spa in New York City) stepped in to give Vhanessa’s strands a much-needed refresh. Marie started the new look with the color. First, she applied ENJOY Clarifying Spray all over to remove any impurities in the hair and then layered on ENJOY Sulfate-Free Shampoo, working it into a rich lather. After rinsing, ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray (I.R.S.), an amino acid reconstructing booster, was applied to help preserve the integrity of the hair during the chemical process. The color glaze was applied and processed at the shampoo bowl. After rinsing, more I.R.S. was misted on and then ENJOY Hair Mask was run through to help seal in the color, setting for about five minutes. The hair was rinsed one last time and towel dried, and then combed through to prepare for the new cut. Wanting to give Vhanessa an edgier finish while keeping most of the length, Yvette started the cut by removing weight internally. She points out that bulk starts distributing differently as hair is growing out. So it has to be redistributed to give a nice design that is easier to style. Yvette layered around the bottom, elevating as she reached the front and then texturized with deep point cutting to create a wispy edge and add movement while unlocking a bit of volume on top. She was careful not to cut too much as naturally wavy hair tends to spring up a bit when it dries. HBL Spray Mousse was applied at the root just on top to give lift and volume. Then ENJOY Straightener was worked through the ends for control. Fingers were used to rake through the hair while blowing strands dry, lifting up on top for volume and moving the sides forward to provide a bit of framing to the face. After smoothing a flat iron over smaller sections of dry hair, a dab of ENJOY Dry Wax was worked into the crown to help pop it up a bit. A few drops of ENJOY Hair & Skin Treatment Oil were emulsified and run through to leave a sleek but touchable finish with a silky, healthy-looking shine.

Make Me Up

Halcyon Days Salon and Spa makeup artist, Mann Nance, prepared  Vhanessa’s skin with moisturizer to give her a natural glow. He started with a clean palette, evening out her skin tone with a cream concealer which was applied before the foundation. Dark circles were removed under the eyes, minor skin imperfections were covered and then a slight highlight was added on the nose bridge and across the T-zone of her forehead, ending with a dab on her chin - all the areas light would naturally hit. After blending the concealer in with a sponge, Mann applied a liquid mineral foundation, working in small areas and blending as he progressed. Powder was applied over the surface to seal in the foundation. For Vhanessa’s eyes, Mann brushed on a shimmery highlight under the ridge of the brow, contoured the eyes with a soft, shimmery mauvey brown, lining with a slightly darker shade and blending as he went along. Mascara lengthened the lashes and added fullness where needed and then the brows were filled in slightly, brushed into shape and sealed over the top. Next, a pop of peachy coral color was added to Vhanessa’s cheeks before lining the lips with a nude pencil and filling with a yummy cotton candy lip gloss.

Halcyon Days Salon and Spa
611 Fifth Avenue at 50th St
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-940-4000

Hairdresser & Makeup Artist Profiles

Mann Nance

What is the best part about your job?
Making someone’s day better through beauty transformations.

Any celebrity clientele?
Diddy Dirty Money, Illeana Douglas and Beyonce have all been in my chair… plus more!!

Favorite HBL Products?
Texture & Styling Cream, Thermal Styling Spray and Hair Masque.

Yvette Gonzalez

What makes your salon unique?
Located in the heart of Manhattan, we service a variety of clients from all over the world. Fortunately, we have an incredibly diverse staff, with a wide range of talents that allows us to accommodate every individual who walks through our door.

Best part about being in Manhattan:
It is the mecca of fashion, culture, and art. Inspiration is everywhere.

Favorite ENJOY Products:
I love the Texture Spray for building body. The Hair & Skin Treatment Oils are great for blow-drying and eliminating frizz. I also love to use the Creamy Pomade on coarse unruly hair when blow-drying.

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