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Gym Workout Tips for Beginners

Sweating often and lifting weights daily, but still no results?

Whether you are a beginner or used to the same old workout routine, try our helpful advice to get you the beach body you want this summer.

Workout Problems for Beginners:

Beginners usually need help to properly take advantage of the machines and exercise routines at the gym.  Consulting a personal trainer or doing research is vital. Personal training programs properly designed and implemented for your body type and weight are extremely important.

Learning the proper techniques is important. Teaming up with a coach or an instructor at the gym even if it is only for a small period of time can ensure that you learn proper techniques and minimize the risk of injuries as well such as shoulder or back pains.

A proper warm-up before exercising is very important to do as a warm-up will increase your heart rate, circulation and the neural drive to the muscles. Many times beginners only do a small warm-up before they start exercising which increases the risk of injuries while a proper warm-up would result in a faster continuous progress.

Working out  too much is likely to result in sore muscles but also strain your body. It is important to make sure to condition your body slowly and gradually, so that burden is not put on the body too soon.

When using machines or floor mats, positioning your body correctly is key. When you’re starting out, it’s best to start with lower weights to focus on good form. Once you’ve gotten your form down, start to lift the  heaviest weights you can lift while still keeping good form. Don’t sacrifice form for heavy weights — that is ineffective.

Inadequate Hydration: It is highly recommended for gym users to remain properly hydrated as even a small dehydration can decrease the performance of the person in the gym. A person who is regularly exercising should drink a minimum of 12 to 15 cups of water a day and should add lemon slices if you sweat very heavily.

Neglecting Nutrition: After working out your body becomes stimulated which is why it is important to meet its nutritional needs by taking more protein either in shakes or adding for fish, eggs and high protein foods to your diet.


Author is a trained healthcare professional and regularly writes articles on health related topics. He also manages a blog and can be reached here.


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