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Going Live with Carol LeBeau

Going LIve with the Fabulous Carol LeBeau

By: Kelly Taggart for Health Beauty Life
Hair: Doug Yeagley Tops Hair Salon – Mission Hills, CA
Make up: Cathy Cipriano
Photos: Allen Carrasco
Courtesy of Carol LeBeau

We (Health Beauty Life) had the pleasure of spending the day at Tops Salon in Mission Hills, California with the lovely Carol LeBeau, a number one TV news anchor in Southern California for nearly 30 years. In her esteemed career, she has accumulated an impressive collection of awards, including a Golden Mic, San Diego Press Club awards and the C. Everett Koop award for health reporting. From reporting breaking news to her experience as a competitive swimmer, it is clear that Carol is never lacking for interesting conversation topics. Let’s listen in as salon owner, Doug Yeagley, works on her hair.

Hi Carol. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Can you give our readers a summary of your amazing career? Although I started my career in radio back in Peoria, Illinois, I was a TV news anchor in southern California for nearly 30 years. Along with TV colleague, Kimberly Hunt, I was part of the longest-running female news anchor team in the country. For most of my television career, I covered health news for San Diego’s ABC 10.

Tell us about your personal life.

Staying healthy has always been a way of life for me. I run, bike and swim. I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 10 years old and am currently in the Master’s program in rough water competitions. My husband, Tom (a retired Navy pilot) and I live happily in beautiful Coronado, California.

You’ve had a long history reporting and anchoring the news here in San Diego. Can you tell us about some of the stories that stick in your mind?

I’ve covered some really big, and yes, even tough, stories over the years. I can never answer this specific question without thinking of the gunman that opened fire at a McDonald’s many years back. I was working with Jack White, filling in for another anchor, when the story broke right at 5pm. It was very intense. There was also the cult suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, the devastating brush fires in 2007, and even the David Westerfield (murder) trials back in 2002. As sad and devastating as it all can be, it’s proof that San Diego is not a sleepy little town.

Those are some tough stories. What about the more fun things you’ve done?

My main beat for 29 years was health, fitness and well being. It was a blast and covered everything from new technology, medical breakthroughs, new exercise techniques, nutrition tips, mental health, dental health… We covered it all. It was a franchised segment that ran every night; in fact, we were the first station in the country to cover health news on a nightly basis to commit to a local segment before wellness was the big word. The bigger networks had doctors Art Ulene and Timothy Johnson, but local stations just didn’t do that sort of thing.

It (my work) was a lot of fun. I’ve had my body imaged by every new technology that came down the road. I’ve even had a virtual colonoscopy on camera, which, for the record, the image may be virtual but the probe is not (laughs). I’ve been able to do some unbelievable things; I even followed a medical relief team who set up clinics in two tsunami-devastated fishing villages in southeastern India in 2004.

What were some of your favorite projects or subjects?

My work has been a lot of fun! I’ve had the opportunity to interview Oprah and a few first ladies, which was amazing. I’ve even been catapulted off of an aircraft carrier for one story… It all makes for interesting conversation at cocktail parties where I’m an expert on most any subject for about three minutes!

I understand that you retired from the industry a couple of years ago?

Yes, I had been in the business for 35 years. I was enjoying it but I knew it was time to move on, to try something else. It was scary to leave, especially at first, but I ended up working in the marketing department at Palomar Pomerado Health, which has been wonderful.

I’m still with my hand in the health care field, but a little more under the radar these days. I do health reports in the form of web videos, write for the Palomar Pomerado Health website, host their public forums, and speak to the community about health and well being in any way I can, which goes for physical as well as mental health. I have a passion for mental health issues because of my family history and my own struggle in that regard. It’s been a wonderful outlet to be out of the day-to-day intensity of covering news. My joke now is: When there’s breaking news, it’s not my problem!

Do you miss it?

To some extent, when there’s breaking news there’s still that adrenaline that kicks in. If I see smoke in the sky I still think, oh my gosh, do I need to call the station? Do I need to go in early, do they need extra help, do I need to go to the scene, etc. That sort of intensity isn’t there anymore, which is good, but I still get to cover the kind of news I enjoy by working with the health care system.

Carol LeBeau and Doug Yeagley, Owner of Tops Salon

How do you know Doug Yeagley, owner of Tops Salon?

When I made the transition to television and moved out to San Diego, I had no idea how to work with my own hair. I met Doug at a charity fashion show where I was a guest model and was impressed how he could work with my very challenging hair issues. He’s been doing my hair now for over 28 years. In fact, I used to sneak over on my dinner breaks when I worked second shift at the news station and he’d touch up my hair.

How has your look changed over the years?

As women, we like to change our look, but I was sort of limited with what I did for a living. The show wanted consistency with small changes; otherwise, it would rock the boat with viewers.

Also, my hair simply won’t do the “anchor bob” that seems to be somewhat of a standard in the industry, so Doug created a look just for me. He took my bulky, bowl-like cut from years back and shaped a short style that works with my head and face shape and helps to accent my best features, without taking away from my very active lifestyle. He does subtle little changes now and then to keep my look fresh and current. He’s very talented and I just love him!

A Fresh Start

Doug Yeagley, Tops Salon owner, steps up to do a “beauty enhancement” on (the lovely) Carol (LeBeau). He’s been doing her hair for nearly three decades and today he is adding some red hues to work with her skin tone and eye color. Doug is taking her fine hair with difficult growth patterns and making it behave by applying a personalized cut.

Since Carol is a master swimmer, Doug first deep cleans her hair with ENJOY Clarifying Spray to remove any salt, chlorine or other impurities. Next, a deep conditioning treatment using ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray (IRS), and after towel blotting, she’s ready for her custom color application.

Doug starts the new look by touching up Carol’s roots and then he adds a rich brunette tone with a red overlay. He introduced the rich merlot tone to go with her green eye color, which leaves a realistic and healthy looking result.

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