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Get the Look: Twisted Pony


Create the Au Naturel look with ease! This simple curling technique requires little time and gives a huge pay off….

Get the Look: Spring Color

Spring Color

 Seasonal Style: Spring Color Safely Blonde Spring definitely brought out the brighter side of hair color for these starlets… Michelle…

Get the Look: One Sided Glamour

one sided glamour

From retro to modern, these Hollywood starlets show off a one-sided look each in their own unique way. Elizabeth Banks: Elizabeth rocks…

Get the Look: Subdued Sexy Strands

sexy strands

Kat Dennings: Natural waves can provide a soft, glamorous look with little to no effort, like Kat’s carefree curls. AnnaLynn McCord: AnnaLynn’s disheveled waves…

Get the Look: Foxy Fringe Styles

sexy fringe

Turn up the heat this frosty winter season with the addition of foxy fringe to impart a youthful vibe and enhance any…

Get the Look: Super Chic Simple

super chic simple

Add a chic touch to a simple style like these smart starlets. These looks make it easy to have eye…

Get the Look: Cool Blonde Styles

How To - Cool Blonde Styles

These fair-haired celebs show off amazing ways to flaunt beautiful, cool blonde tones for the fall months to come.  Kristen Bell shows off a…

Get the Look: Fresh Red Styles

fresh red styles

These red-tressed A-listers are showing off red in all the right hues for the autumn months. Sharon Osbourne’s signature deep red-violet hair keeps…

Get the Look: Warm Brunettes Styles

Warm up your brunette strands like a celeb with inspiration from these starlets’ seasonal tones. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s copper-brown hair complements her skin tone beautifully….

Get the Look: Ride the Wave

It’s all about the wavy hair, from Taylor’s ringlets to Khloe’s barely there waves. Which wavy look works best for…