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Get the Look: LUXE Holiday Hair in MINUTES


How does she do it? The girl that lights up the room with her soft curls and casual yet tailored dress? Or the relaxed modest appearance of flowy waves… This effortless curl is a must for a work gathering or New Year’s Eve dinner.

And we want you to have it!

So here it is whether pulled back slightly or parted. The wave that can be worn for almost any occasion.

Use the luxury line, HBL Hair Care on your hair for an allergen free formula that consists of zero gluten, colorants, parabens or sulfates. This line promises to keep your curls soft and lush all night long.

1. Spray in leave-in conditioner while hair’s still wet.
2. Separate your hair into four-to-six sections, put a nickel-sized amount of texture and styling cream in your hand, and, starting with the bottom section, rake the gel through your strands. To do this, place your hand underneath the hair near the roots and pull hair out and away from the head as you go, squeezing your locks between fingers to get rid of excess water (Hint: The bigger the sections of hair between each finger, the bigger the curls will be). When you get to the tips, let the hair fall back against your head. Repeat with each section.
3. After you work in the texture and styling cream, put a towel in the palm of your hand, tilt your head to the side toward your hand, and push your palm up toward your head. At your scalp, squeeze your strands with the towel to create the curl pattern. Once you’ve done this to your entire head, you can let your hair air dry or use a blow dyer with a diffuser. If you’re using a blow dryer, spritz on spray mousse first to prevent frizz. Make sure to tilt your head and use the same pushing-upward motion with the diffuser as you did with the towel.

4. Once your hair’s fully dry, put a dab of shine & seal in your palm, rub your hands together, and pull your hair back using the same motion you’d use if you were going to put it in a ponytail. This smoothes the outer layer and creates hold.
5. Flip your head over, and use your fingers to shake out your hair at the roots. This will create the perfect amount of volume. Don’t actually run your fingers through your locks, though (that would create major frizz-age)! Flip your head back over for perfect ringlets.

To make sure your style is fresh throughout the evening, spray hair with leave-in conditioner and smooth it down with your hands!

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