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Five Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

There will come a time when you notice your first lot of ‘wrinkles’. I’m talking about that moment when you look in the mirror and notice a crease in your expressionless face. It may be when you’re 28, or you may not face this juncture until 40 (lucky duck). For me, it was 30.

I have recently noticed the fine lines on my forehead are there even when I’m not raising my eyebrows; I must be surprised a lot! It had me panicked at first, then I realized - A) It’s not a big deal; I am enjoying life and my wrinkles are proof of that; and B) There are ways I can try to keep them at bay.

A spot of research later, I realized that treating your body and skin with a little more respect will do the trick. Here are some tips I’ve discovered…

1) Wear Sunscreen

It’s no secret that the sun is a major contributor to wrinkles. The best way to tackle this situation is to avoid direct sunlight. However, if you must venture into the balmy rays from time to time, it is essential that you wear sunscreen. Not only will it protect your skin from cancer, it will also help to prevent wrinkles.

2) Get Enough Sleep

You may have deadlines at work or just be a night owl, but sleep deprivation is not ideal. It is bad for your concentration, memory, can put you in a bad mood and can even have a physical effect long term. A decent slumber is good for your health and wellbeing as well as your skin. Getting enough sleep can produce more human growth hormone (HGH); this helps to keep a thickness and elasticity to the skin, which means less wrinkles.

3) No Smoking

It has been suggested that smoking releases an enzyme, which actually breaks down elastin and collagen in your skin. If you smoke, your skin usually becomes thinner and saggier than that of a non-smoker. On top of that, we all know it is extremely bad for our health. Lungs, heart, brain, you name it! The wisest move here would be to either avoid starting or quit. Simple.

4) Drink More Water

We’ve all heard the “eight glasses a day” recommendation, and if you want your skin to look good, you should listen. The average human body is made up of roughly 60% water, so if you’re not replacing fluid as you lose it through sweating, urine, and other means, you will become dehydrated. This includes your skin; and dry skin means more wrinkles.

5) Professional Treatment

If you’ve lived a healthy life and done the best by your skin, but still want to reduce those lines, you can visit a professional. It’s extremely common these days and very safe to get dermal fillers or wrinkle reduction. After all, wrinkles are inevitable in the end.

There are many clinics which offer solutions such as botox and other anti-wrinkle injections. Laser resurfacing and chemical peels remove the top layer of the skin, causing natural collagen production.

Be sure to speak to a professional about what sort of treatment is right for you.

The most important thing I have learned is to look after yourself. Health and happiness are vital to a life well lived. A wise man once talked about having “wrinkles in the right places”. So if you choose to age gracefully, always remember to smile!

Guest Author: Danielle Henderson is an experienced copy and content writer, based in Melbourne, Australia.


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