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Fit in Minutes with Minh

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By: Kiki Gee
Photos: Allen Carrasco

A La Jolla based personal nutrition and fitness coach, Minh Nguyen, is an expert at concocting raw-fusion culinary creations and whipping his clients into shape with tried-and-true exercise moves.

His whole-body approach to wellness focuses on techniques to take control of your health while finding balance through proper exercise and nutrition habits. We met up with Minh to feast on one of his most popular pre and post-workout recipes and learn some quick and effective toning techniques. If you are trying to practice cleaner eating or are after a sleeker physique, keep reading. A few minutes with Minh might just be the ticket to a healthier (and hotter) you!

Getting a good workout doesn’t have to take hours or a fancy gym membership. In fact, Minh showed us a quick and effective full-body routine that takes just minh-utes to complete and can be done anywhere. Get it tight and get it right with no excuses with his easy to follow moves:


Exercise ONE: Medicine Ball Burpees

Holding an exercise ball out in front of your body, lower into a squat position. Jump while simultaneously lifting ball above head. Upon landing, using the ball to support you, go into plank position by jumping feet back with hands on the ball underneath your shoulders. Jump feet back in to starting position. Repeat 12-20 times or up to 1 minute until your heart is pumping and your body feels warm.

Exercise TWO: Lunge with Overhead Press

Tightens and Tones Tush and Shoulders

Secure an exercise band underneath the middle of your right foot with one end in each hand. Lunge backward with your left foot and as you step back up in starting position, raise arms up and push band up above head, parallel to ears. As you step back in to starting position, lower arms back down and repeat. Repeat 12-20 times or until muscle fatigue. Switch legs.

Exercise THREE: Plié Rows

Defines Back, Quadriceps and Thighs

Have an exercise buddy hold onto the middle of an exercise band or secure it around a steady object. Hold onto the ends of the band while lowering body in a plié foot position, squatting and pulling band in toward your sides using a row-like movement. Return to starting position and repeat 12-20 times or until muscle fatigue.

Exercise FOUR: Push Up to Side Plank

Works the Chest, Arms and Core

Get into plank position on your hands and lower yourself into a push-up. Lift up and raise right arm toward the ceiling while twisting body to the side into a side plank pose. Lower into starting position and repeat 12-20 times or until muscles fatigue, alternating sides.

Chill Out & Get Loose

Pigeon Pose:

Sitting on floor, bend right knee outward with right foot in front of your body and extend left leg back. Lean forward to gently rest your body onto floor or out in front of you for a deep hip stretch. Switch to other side.

Cat/Cow Pose:

On all fours, suck in core and round the spine up (like a scared cat). Release and arch back, sticking your booty out, stretching your back from both sides

Chilld’s Pose:

Sit on a mat with knees on the floor. Lower your tush to rest on top of your ankles. Lower upper body to rest on top of thighs while extending hands out in front of your body for a gentle resting pose.

Downward Dog:

With hands on the floor and feet planted on the floor behind you, create a triangle-like position with your body, stretching your calves, back and hamstrings.

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