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Finding the Right Fitness Class for You

There are countless fitness classes available for all ages, skill sets, fitness levels, and desired goals. The key to success is to find the class that works for you and stick with it! A good fitness class will welcome all newcomers and help motivate each other to keep going. The right instructor is also essential, he or she should be fully qualified and offer constant encouragement to all members. Never suffer a class where you feel left behind or excluded. Below are a list of some of the most popular goals and the classes that can help make them a reality.



Pilates is the best option if a lean and toned body is your goal. Pilates will focus on your ‘core,’ which is all your abdominal muscles and back muscles, and also has some exercises targeting arms and legs. Pilates aims to improve your posture, elongate your figure and tone your body. Pilates is also a good class for people of all abilities, as there are many different skill levels. Start strong with three or more classes a week and you will see a change in your posture and figure almost immediately.

Gain Strength

Boot Camp classes seem very daunting, but if you are dedicated to gaining  then  this is the class for you. Boot Camp classes are becoming increasingly popular and it is clear to see why. These classes are not tied to any particular equipment or routines, but instead focus on motivation and powering through. Boot Camp classes work well for strength goals as they are all over, full body workouts that get your heart race pumping and have you working the entire duration. Regular attendance and commitment to this type of class will result in visible changes.

Over 50s

Water Aerobics is a good class to take at all ages, but especially beneficial to people over 50. Water aerobics not only increases your fitness levels but helps with arthritis and other joint and muscle problems. Water aerobics, due to the buoyancy of the water, reduces a person’s weight by 90% and therefore is less likely to cause muscle or joint injury.

Water aerobics can take place in shallow or deep water , but opt for a deep water class if you want a more intense workout. Water aerobics is an effective cardio and muscle workout for all abilities.

Weight Loss

Spin classes are classes that take places on a stationary bike where tension can be increased or decreased, and mileage, time lapsed, and heart rate are all monitored on the bikes’ computer system. Spinning classes work on strength and endurance, and as a result burn a lot of calories. This type of class also promotes cardiovascular health as it is primarily an anaerobic exercise that uses energy from your reserves and builds up endurance.

Author: This article is written by fitness instructor Dalaigh Hines, a fan of USP Labs, and a professional trainer who practices gaining strength in Canada.

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