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February Giveaway - Kelley West Microderm 360 Kit

Health Beauty Life VIP Members

Raise your hand if you want smoother, brighter, more luminous skin. Now raise your hand if you want that skin without stepping foot into a doctor’s office in the luxury of your own home. Everyone, we assume? The winner of our next giveaway is going to be walking away with The Microderm360, an at-home microdermabrasion device that delivers a flawless complexion.

The benefits of microdermabrasion are too alluring to ignore. Microdermabrasion…
•Improves age spots and black heads
•Reduces scarring, discoloration and sun damage
•Exfoliates your skin, resulting in a refreshed and brighter appearance
•Reduces fine lines and wrinkles •Reduces or eliminate enlarged pores
•Helps increase your production for younger looking complexion

Here’s what one of our beauty editor’s has to say about it…
“I love this thing! It offers a much deeper exfoliation than a scrub and even my Clarisonic, and its quirkiness makes it even kind of fun to use. It makes my skin incredibly soft and I’ve noticed my self-tanner lasts much longer than usual.”
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67 comments on “February Giveaway - Kelley West Microderm 360 Kit
  1. Rosanne says:

    Since I hit 60 and lost 35 lbs my face and skin can use a lot of help

  2. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I have tried it and was pleased with the results. Pore size is my biggest problem and it really made a difference.

  3. John Herman says:

    I would like to win this for my wife - she would love it!

  4. Wendi says:

    i would love to win this for my daughter!! Thank you for the chance

  5. Jodi L says:

    I’ve never tried it but would love to if we win this :-)

  6. Stacey Roberson says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She has really extreme eczema on her face and body, and I think this would help clear up the red spots.

  7. autumn b says:

    i get professional microderms every 2 months, i would love it this works & i could save some money!

  8. Crystal Sell says:

    I haven’t tried one but would love to because my skin has an uneven texture and is dull looking.

  9. Taryn T. says:

    I would love to win, because some recent health problems have left my skin not as pretty and young lately, and I think this would help to be rejuvenating.

  10. Jennifer Herman says:

    I have never tried microderm abrasion but I would like to give it a go.

  11. Connie Tucker says:

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion, but I have wanted to for a long time. I want to win because I’m really beginning to show my age and want to feel good about my skin again.

  12. Jeannette Harkin says:

    I am familiar with microdermabrasion but have never tried it and have always wanted to….hope this will be my chance!

  13. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I would love to win this because I have scarring and sun damage and none of the products I buy seems to work,and plus I’ve read good reviews on this.Yes I’ve heard of it.

  14. Thomas Murphy says:

    I want to win this for my GF. I have never tried microdermabrasion

  15. Laurie Emerson says:

    I want to win as I still have scarring on my face due to acne as a teenager. At my age it is hard to cover up and so embarrassing.

  16. LAURIE MURLEY says:

    I have heard a lot about the good this can do so I would love to try it

  17. Birdiebee says:

    I would love this as I had severe acne growing up and have a lot of marks and scaring on my face. This would really be a benefit to me. No, I have never tried microdermabrasion.

  18. Richard Hicks says:

    I have heard of it before. I want to give it a try now that I am getting older…..might improve the looks!

  19. Lisa Walker says:

    I want to win because I’ve been reading a lot about microdermabrasion and I would love to even out my skin tone.

  20. crystal gibson says:

    I have never tried any type of treatment but I would love to liven up my dull skin.

  21. Donna L says:

    No, I have never tried this before.

  22. Lisa Smith says:

    The exfoliation appear to me, especially with the soon-to-be warmer weather and self tanner.

  23. Deb C says:

    I want to win because I have not tried micro dermabrasion. I can feel a slightly rough texture to my skin and I hate it.

  24. jules m. says:

    ive tried microdermabrasion scrubs and they are wonderful! would love to try out this gadget! :)

  25. Michelle H. says:

    I have used exfoliating scrubs. But, I would really love to try this device.

  26. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I want to win because I’ve never tried microdermabrasion.

  27. Laura S says:

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion but I’ve been wanting to. I want my skin to look better than it does now.

  28. Kelly says:

    I have not used a Microdermabrasion tool before. I would love to have one though. I have issue with my skin not sloughing off like it should and this would be so awesome.

  29. letessha says:

    I have never tried it before but I feel it can help my skin.

  30. Melissa Austin says:

    i’ve never tried and i am DYING to!!

  31. Jamie Williams says:

    New fan here! I just love this giveaway, my poor skin needs all the help it can get.

  32. cathy o says:

    I have wanted refreshing looking skin for so long, and this is just the ticket.

  33. Dolores Miranda says:

    I have tried one before I really would love to win one.Makes my skin feel new again!

  34. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    I have never tried this but I would love to. I am getting older and my skin can use all the help it can get.

  35. Ramona Kako says:

    I would love to try this.

  36. Meghan Malicoat says:

    I have never tried microdermabrasion but I would love to win this so I could give it a try. I am always looking for ways to take better care of my skin.

  37. courtney b says:

    I’ve wanted one of these forever. and they are expensive So im crossing my fingers :)

  38. michele ziemann says:

    i would really love love to try this at my age i need to start should have awhile back.

  39. David Fultner says:

    I am ready to win because I like to try new things.

  40. Lalita says:

    I would love to win this to get rid of old acne marks and achieve brighter skin.

  41. Neha Kaul says:

    Have had microdermabrasion sessions in a clinical setting in the past- would be a real time-saver to be able do it in the comfort of one’s home. I do it primarily of its superior exfoliating properties which in turn helps minimise the appearance of whiteheads.

  42. Julie Wood says:

    I have never used Microdermabrasion, but I want to because I would love to have my fine lines and wrinkles deminished!

  43. Chris Nelms Caldwell says:

    I’d love to win because I keep seeing my mom’s face in the mirror! :)
    I’ve tried it before and love the results.

  44. Dawn Monroe says:

    Id like to win because Ive never tried it but i think it would make a big difference in my appearance.

  45. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to win cause i have always wanted clear skin and it would be nice to do it in my own home.

  46. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would love to eliminate large pores.

  47. Sara B. says:

    I haven’t tried it, but I’d like to.

  48. Alison Gibb says:

    I just turned 50 years old. UGH! My skin has seen better days. I would love to win this to give my skin a much needed makeover! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

  49. Mical says:

    I haven’t ever tried it before but I want to

  50. shanna says:

    My skin needs help!!! I have never heard of this product - so neat

  51. Lisa says:

    I want to win because I have some sun damage I’d like to reduce.

  52. Rosa says:

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion but would love to try. I’ve got a lot of acne scars that I would be happy to get rid of or diminish the appearance of them.

  53. cheryl wetzel says:

    Would love to try and improve my skin as I age.

  54. pu ye says:

    I have not tried. I want to win because it looks good to me

  55. Linda Terry says:

    Yep, pretty sure I’m ready for this… I turn 60 in April and every little bit will help!!

  56. Rajee Pandi says:

    I want my skin looks young and smooth

  57. Cynthia C says:

    I am interested in trying it to improve the appearance of my skin.

  58. Sue Barney says:

    I would Love to win because I am turning 42 this year. With this winter my skin has taken a beating so I would Love to try this treatment and try to get my glow back!

  59. Brian Vent says:

    My wife would love it.

  60. Chanda Neak says:

    I never use one, but love to try one. I’m always looking for something new to make me look younger without the laser or injection use.

  61. carol clark says:

    no ive never heard of it and willing to try anything to keep my skin soft and young looking

  62. Sonya Jones says:

    I have never tried dermabrasion. I’d like to try it now because my skin really needs help.

  63. Amy Heffernan says:

    Nope have never tried it before but i would LOVE to win in hopes it will improve my skin! Thanks!

  64. Kelly Commerford says:

    I think I could really benefit from it. My skin is incredibly dull.

  65. David Holder says:

    My wife has been wanting this! I don’t think she has used microdermabrasion.

  66. Katherine says:

    Getting older and developing age spots and would like to give this a try

  67. Lisa Brown says:

    I would like to win to try this kind of unit; my skin is like an aligator and flaky dry. This may help to make it smooth :)

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