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Popular Exotic Travel Destinations

Have you decided to set out on an exotic adventure this year? Perhaps its for your honeymoon or a cruise with your family, here are some destinations that are jaw-dropping gorgeous and relaxing at the same time.

Here are some popular exotic destinations:

Caribbean Destinations:

  • Antigua: Antigua has over 300 beaches and all year round sunshine. For those of you who enjoy scuba diving, Antigua has white sands, clear waters, gorgeous reefs and coral, a variety of marine life and even shipwrecks. Perfect for a relaxing beach holiday, the English Harbor and annual Sailing Week, make it an excellent sailing holiday. 
  • St. Lucia: for a more adventurous, exotic and romantic holiday consider St Lucia, boasting green mountain sides and tropical rainforests, along with the nature living inside the rainforest. St. Lucia has a drive-in volcano, as well as stunning landscapes, white beaches and clear waters. The mountain side is a beautiful sight, and allows adventure sports, such as zip lining through the rainforest. 
  • Cuba: an exotic holiday destination that is basked in a rich culture, this is the largest of the Caribbean islands and is a truly captivating place to visit. This captivating country offers you the chance to see a wold completely different to yours, furthermore, there is plenty to do. You can swim with dolphins, visit the bar and hotel that Earnest Hemingway practically lived in, see the complete difference between old Havana and new Havana, or just lounge on one of the white sandy beaches with a spectacular view of clear seas. 
  • Barbados: looking for a relaxing and exotic beach holiday, Barbados is the perfect destination for you, the beaches are white and sandy and the sea’s are crystal clear. The island has many luxurious and elegant hotels offering all inclusive package deals. This is the ideal location for you if you enjoy water sports and diving. 
  • Mexico: is another excellent cultural and exotic holiday destination, in Mexico you can have a look at Mayan and Aztec ruins, including the Chichen Itza and colonial cities such as Merida. You can do activities, which include things like water sports and swimming with dolphins or go game fishing. Alternatively you can have a relaxing beach holiday on the white, Sandy beaches of Mexico. 

Indian Ocean Destinations: 

  • Maldives: a common honeymoon destination, the Maldives is the personification of exotic and luxury, with sea villas allowing you to see marine life through the glass floors, the palm trees and white sands and the clear blue waters. The Maldives makes an excellent relaxing and romantic beach for couples. 
  • Mauritius: if you are looking for a more active exotic holiday in the Indian Ocean the Mauritius may be the place for you, from fishing and golf to water sports, this island has something to keep you occupied, making this an ideal family luxury holiday destination. If relaxing is what you’re after, Mauritius has plenty of white sandy beaches and a variety of spa, and for those of you who enjoy a change in culture, Mauritius has influences in its culture from Africa, India, Europe and the Orient.

 African Destinations: 

  • Kenya: for an exotic and fun filled holiday, why not consider a Safari in Kenya. Kenya has a range of spectacular wildlife and some of the most famous reserves and national parks in the world. With vast lakes, deserts and tropical coastline, Kenya has all the sights you would hope to see on an exotic holiday. The fantastic white sandy beaches and luxurious hotels provide an excellent destination for a beach holiday for couples and families alike. 
  • Tanzania: whether you are looking for a beach holiday on pure white sand, or a more active holiday, such as safari’s, or trekking up the snow topped mountains, Tanzania has something to keep you and your children occupied.

 This material has been a guest post by Angela Harpert- an adventurer and seeker of inspiration who finds beauty and uniqueness in every new place she explores. For more information visit Vacationhomes.net 


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