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Exercise and Diabetes

Keeping physically active is great for the body; it can reduce body fat, keep your joints flexible and lower your risk of heart disease.

Keeping active holds another benefit for diabetics too – it can help control blood glucose levels. Diabetics have high levels of blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) in their body. The body uses glucose for energy which means the more active you are, the easier it is to maintain a normal blood glucose level.

So how can you keep active? Here are some suggestions.


Long walks are great when the sun is shining. Rather than walking the same old streets every day, hiking is a good option to see some picturesque scenery – don’t forget to take your camera. You could walk listening to music or even use it as an opportunity to catch up with a friend. And remember to take a picnic with you in case you get peckish!


During the winter months, going outside might not be an option. Snowed in or only have 30 minutes free to exercise? Simply roll out your mat, slip into something comfortable and you’re ready! Yoga is great to keep your joints flexible and supple. The various poses and stretches can improve circulation which in turn helps to reduce blood sugar levels.


Swimming is a fantastic way to keep active for everyone. You may have pains in your feet, a common problem for diabetics, which prevent you from walking long distances; swimming allows a full body work out while keeping off your feet. And you don’t have to swim lengths every session or do it alone. Make it fun by playing water volleyball or taking part in a water aerobics session. If you live a busy lifestyle, finding the time to exercise for 30 minutes a day can be tough; especially if you work a full time job and have a family to support.

There are simple solutions like walking during your lunch break or even stretching while you watch TV. Or try getting the kids involved too!

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