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Environmental Dental

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Turns out your Sour Patch Kids habit isn’t the only hazard to your chompers. In fact, some fillings used to treat cavities could be harmful to your health and the environment.

Located in Encinitas, California, Layton Dental prides themselves on providing what they have coined “environmental dental.” Since 1986, Layton Dental has practiced metal-free dentistry, eliminating the health hazards associated with mercury fillings. We caught up with Dr. Grant Layton to find out what it takes to meddle with metal for a safer experience at the dentist’s office.

Mercury Rising

Chances are if you are over 40 and you have a crown in your mouth, it was because of a mercury filling that cracked your tooth. But not all of us make the connection. Dr. Layton educated us on the dangers of leaving mercury fillings in the teeth. Dr. Layton explains, “From the day a Mercury filling is placed, it leaks and then it corrodes. And when it corrodes, it expands and breaks teeth in the same way freezing water expands and breaks rocks and mountains crumble. It is a fact that mercury fillings leak, corrode and crack teeth.” Dr. Layton recommends replacing your Mercury fillings before they break your teeth.

DID YOU KNOW? Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal? It’s more toxic than lead. It’s a liquid and evaporates like water, which is the gas that escapes from your fillings.

Alternative Metal

Layton Dental has developed a proprietary protocol for a quick, easy and, most importantly, safe mercury removal. The technique practiced by Dr. Layton isolates the tooth during the removal process, creates a strong air flow with a super vacuum to maintain the patient’s separation from the metal and its gasses, and properly disposes of any metal. “When mercury fillings are removed, it can be a toxic experience because a lot of mercury vapor is released and patients can inhale the vapor or swallow the mercury,” Dr. Layton informs. Before starting the procedure, Dr. Layton applies a local anesthetic to prevent the patient from experiencing any discomfort. Next, a shield is placed over and around the patient’s tooth to keep any mercury from getting in the mouth. A big vacuum is used for suctioning any mercury vapor, keeping the patient and the entire office safe. Once the mercury filling has been removed, Dr. Layton then fills the tooth with a tooth colored porcelain composite. By carefully filling the tooth cavity and bonding the porcelain to the tooth, Dr. Layton ensures that the new filling won’t be in danger of leaking. The end result is a safer filling and more natural looking set of pearly whites.

About Layton Dental

Layton Dental is a San Diego dental practice dedicated to high quality, up-to-date methods of general and metal-free dentistry. Their solutions create beautiful, natural looking, strong teeth, designed to enhance any smile and are proven to be long lasting. Dr. Layton also makes every attempt to create a healthy, biocompatible result. The Layton Dental name represents a philosophy that has driven the founder, Grant Layton D.D.S., for more than 25 years. The entire LaytonDental team places a top priority on showing their dedication to their patients with excellent patient care. They also educate those who are interested  in good sense and good science, and achieving the best possible dental health.

If you have a metal mouth, you would be wise to see Dr. Layton. Visit his website at

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