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Christmas Shopping Tips…in October

Why are we writing about Christmas shopping in October? Because if our readers are anything like us, they shop for themselves around the clock all year, but when it comes to Christmas shopping, they tend to procrastinate until the last couple of weeks…oops! However, starting early is the best way to save money and hassle down the line. It’s also a good way to make sure you’re buying gifts for people that they’ll actually want, not just stuff you find last minute that they’ll think is okay. So let this finally be the year you get done early, and can actually enjoy the Christmas season!

Here are our tips on getting started NOW:

First and most obvious: make a list!
WHO do you need to buy for?
WHAT do they want/are their interests?
WHERE could you get the gift?
HOW MUCH are you willing to spend?

Start hitting up clearance racks when you’re out and about! That’s right- don’t leave Marshalls without walking down the clearance aisle. This is also a great spot to pickup just-in-case gifts…things like candles or picture frames, just in case you’re about to head out to your boyfriend’s family dinner and remember that you forget someone. You can always use them yourself, or return them if they don’t get used.

Look up porential DIY gifts now so you’ll have plenty of time acquire the necessary goods, and assemble.

Use the world wide web to research potential buys! Reviews on sites like Amazon will help to be sure you’re not wasting your money and are only buying the best of the best!

Our preferred shopping method…dodge the crowds and do your shopping in your PJs! The selection is HUGE (*wink*), and there are plenty of sites with free shipping. Keep your eyes peeled for web sales, and follow us on Twitter- we post the worthy sales we run across!

P.S. This might be a good time to invest in Amazon Prime.

Discount Sites
Starting trolling discount sites…as if you don’t already! A few of our favorite examples:

We’ll help more with gift guides down the line, but this is a great start…now actually do it! ;) Happy shopping!

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