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Dr. Holly Lucille - A Doctor with a Twist

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An expert in the field of natural and integrative medicine, Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally recognized and licensed naturopathic doctor, educator, author, natural products consultant, and television and radio host.

Offering interesting and compelling insights and expert advice, Dr. Holly has been featured in various media outlets including, print, radio and television. In 2007, she was listed in Time Magazine’s “Alt List” as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People”.
She even launched her own talk show “Myth-Defying with Dr. Holly” on the Veria Living network and is the host of “Mindful Medicine: The Dr. Holly Lucille show” on RadioMD.

“I want to get the word out using any platform that people can take care of themselves efficiently, inexpensively and effectively.”

Originally a nurse, Dr. Holly’s quickly learned that people give up some of their personal rights when they are hospitalized, such as the right to privacy, the right to choose, and the right to be informed and understand all of what is going on with their care. She became even more disillusioned with the simple directive of carrying out doctors’ orders, as she craved a more active and effective role in caring for people.

In Dr. Holly’s quest to find a satisfying place in healthcare, she joined the American Holistic Nursing Association and completed a post-graduate program in holistic nursing. This provided the ideal environment for her, which was guided by instruction and a philosophy that supported and treated people, not just their diagnoses, symptoms or lab tests. Eventually Dr. Holly became a Naturopathic Doctor and opened a private practice in Los Angeles where she focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care.

When patients come in to see her, according to Dr. Holly, most are in serious debt with their health. Because there are so many out of our control withdraws against our bodies with our ever increasingly toxic environment and chronic modern day stressors, she feels that patients can take control over what goes into their bodies by using the right nutrient-rich foods and targeted supplementation. This reduces the liability on our system by making more “good” deposits than withdrawals against it.

“Nourishment involves large deposits of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, as they are what drive our biochemistry,” says this in-demand natural health pro. “It’s gas in our tanks, how we live and how we thrive. Also, so much of our health has to do with the ability to take in these nutrients, digest, assimilate and absorb them, and to evacuate the waste products on a regular basis.”

She continues, “People don’t realize that their gut is the center of their emotions. It’s sort of the second brain.  Only 5% of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood, is created in the brain and the rest in the gut, which is a pretty big deal!”

When asked about the principles of her field of choice, Dr. Holly replied, “Naturopathic medicine starts with the standard of ‘first does no harm’ for which dietary and lifestyle modifications very important. With the belief that the body can heal itself, and using food as medicine, we do all that we can do to get closer to people’s health care goals and desired results using the least invasive methods long before resorting to using drugs or surgery.”

“First you want to identify and treat the cause, not just suppress the symptoms, but to get that story and to understand where that person has come in and why they are presenting in the way that they are. Whether it be a nutritional supplement and or medication, we aim to fix the root cause but with an exit strategy in mind.”

“It’s important to take some time and truly nourish yourself. You are your own primary care provider and only you are in charge of taking care of yourself.”

“I want to be in the business of facilitating understanding because when people have a better understanding, they are empowered and they take better care of themselves. When people get better, they feel better and then when we feel better, we do better, and then that trickles into our family and then into our community, and the rest of the world.”


Dr. Holly offers these quick and truly convenient meals that are phyto-rich, full of antioxidants, fiber and good fats. They taste great and serve up the nutritional value of a food bar.

On-the-Go Blender
Using fresh, organic, pesticide –free ingredients:
• Raw baby spinach
• Frozen blueberries
• Frozen Banana slices
• Almonds
• Flax Seeds
• Water or coconut water

Place all of the above into a Vitamix or Nutribullet, blend and serve. Enjoy it in a to-go cup to sip on your way to work or class.

Crisp Salad
• Chopped green kale
• Sliced peppers (yellow, orange, red bell peppers)
• Grape tomatoes
• Pomegranate seeds
• Add protein as needed like sliced or diced chicken, salmon or tuna
• Dressing
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Dash of Tabasco
Minced garlic

Wisk ingredients for dressing and drizzle over salad, toss and enjoy!

Helpful hints when shopping:
• Eat locally and seasonally as much you can.
• Go for a variety of colors.
• Stay on the perimeter of the grocery store where the colorful and whole foods are located.
• Find a local organic framer’s market and shop weekly for your produce.
• Spend about an hour after each famer’s market run to clean up and prepare the ingredients for the meals ahead.

Or use as caption (and reference recipes online):

Dr. Holly suggests using fresh, organic, pesticide –free ingredients that are phyto-rich, full of antioxidants, fiber and good fats.

In her “off time” Dr. Holly enjoys Crossfit, being with her family (4 legged included), riding her motorcycle through the mountains and along the beaches of Los Angeles, as well playing the bass guitar.


By: Kelly Taggart

Photos: Allen Carrasco

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