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Good Health is Beautiful with Dr. Lisa Masterson

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Dr. Lisa Masterson is a medical pioneer and globally respected specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology, and family planning.

Widely known from her recent co-hosting of the Emmy Award-winning Television series, The Doctors, Dr. Lisa Masterson is a medical pioneer and globally respected specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology, and family planning. Through hard work, determination and a tireless commitment to healthcare, Dr. Lisa has redefined the role of the gynecologist through her well-established Southern California practice.

Her unique practice includes a myriad of services rarely found in traditional gynecological medicine. Operating out of a beautiful turn-of-the-century house located directly across from Santa Monica Beach, her practice is an “oasis” that incorporates a medical spa with complete spa services, exercise instruction, Pilates and Yoga, and discussion groups for women of all ages.

She remains at the forefront in education, holds seminars on adolescent sexuality for teens and parents, and has authored among other publications, Go Figure, a workbook for young girls detailing the changes throughout their bodies. Additionally, as a testament to her exceptional care and professionalism, Dr. Lisa does the unthinkable: she makes house calls, making herself available to her patients who are unable to see her during normal business hours.

Over the last decade, the doctor, along with her husband, Stephen, have leveraged her considerable influence for global philanthropy, founding Maternal Fetal Care International (MFCI) in 2005 to help mothers and children survive and enjoy better health in the poorest regions of the world. MFCI brings volunteer physicians to treat needy women and children, and provides training to local healthcare personnel to elevate the standard of medical care and decrease mother-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

In addition to establishing birthing centers in Kenya and India, Dr. Lisa Masterson co-founded in Eritrea the first OB/GYN residency program in all of sub-Saharan Africa. As described in her 2011 memoir, Paper Dollhouse, Lisa’s interest in medicine and helping others began when she was quite young and grew out of her personal experience with racial segregation while visiting her grandparents in Louisiana.

When her younger brother was in need of medical attention, Lisa and her grandmother took him to the family physician where Lisa encountered two separate entrances – one for “white” patients, the other for “colored” patients. Shocked, Dr. Lisa shares, “health is a human right, from that day on I knew I was going to be a doctor and that I was going to change that!”

That “can-do” attitude still drives Lisa today.

“Get moving, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and decrease stress.”

Patrick and the Health Beauty Life crew had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Lisa at her beachfront Southern California practice. Housed within a restored century-old Victorian, and graced by an expansive ocean view, the practice illustrates that Lisa cares about the whole woman.

Not solely focusing on the medical aspects of health, she believes in providing a relaxed, comfortable environment for women to explore a healthy lifestyle of medical care, massage, exercise, and nutrition.

We asked Lisa, what are your top three health tips for women? Her answer: “Get moving, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and decrease stress.”

This is the type of question you might hear Dr. Lisa tackle on her super-popular iTunes Podcast, Health In Heels with Dr. Lisa, where she answers questions posted on Facebook and her Twitter feeds from fans, discusses current headlines in health, and interviews guests.

Of course in true Dr. Lisa fashion, the focus is always on “being fabulous.”

Most recently, Dr. Lisa has incorporated her passion for helping people and her interest in “fabulous fashion” with Therafit by Dr. Lisa, an athletic shoe line designed to be as comfortable as it is fashionable. The shoes are a beautiful confluence of style and innovation, with a customizable personal comfort system and lightweight microfiber material designed exclusively for women.

When asked why she collaborated with Therafit to design athletic shoes, Lisa answered, “To encourage women to move; if you feel comfortable… you’re going to do more.”

Clearly this hard working and inspirational doctor knows a thing or two about “doing more.” Though her list of accomplishments is impressive, she’s quick to point out, “I’m not done yet.” We’re glad she’s not.

To find out more about Dr. Lisa Masterson, visit: MastersMD.com.

To learn about Maternal Fetal Care International, visit: MFCI.net

To “make your whole body happy” with Therafit shoes, visit: TherafitShoe.com

Want More?

You can hear Dr. Lisa share her latest insights, weekly advice, celebrity guests, and cutting edge medicine on her Podcast, Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa Masterson on Global Voice Broadcasting through iTunes.


By: Candice Murnro and Greg Root

Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Lisa Masterson

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