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DIY Lip Gloss

Every once in awhile, you end up with an eye shadow that looks much better suited for your lips. Enter this Emani mineral eye shadow.

We weren’t so sure we could pull it off on our lids, but we knew the beautiful, deep pigment would make for the perfect pink pout. Now how to get it there?


We’re almost embarrassed to call this a DIY, since it’s quite possibly the simplest one in history. So simple, in fact, that you’re going to wonder why you never thought to make your own custom lip glosses sooner.

Clear Lip Gloss


Think you can handle that?

Adjust the quantities until you achieve the desired pigment, and store extra in a small cosmetic container. You could even get super fancy and mix more than one shadow. Either way, enjoy having the most unique looking pout on the block! XO

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