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Skincare: Dermaplaning for Glowy, Hairless Skin

Dermaplaning is one of those procedures that is probably practiced in almost every spa, plastic surgeons office, etc., that you’ve ever been to, but you’ve never heard of it. Being the beauty junkies we are, we consider this a shame, because a dermaplaning facial is a great option for those looking to remove unwanted facial hair, or looking for a deeper exfoliation.

Basically a manual-exfoliation of the skin, dermaplaning is a quick, noninvasive, painless procedure. A trained professional removes dead skin cells and hair by running a surgical blade across the surface of your dry face at a 45-degree angle in quick, small, downward scrapes. You can actually see the service provider wipe the blade clean of dead skin and hair as she goes. The results are immediate - smoother, hairless skin that glows.

Dermaplanes are often done in conjunction with other procedures, such as a chemical peel, as ridding the skin of dead skin cells and excess hair allows ingredients to penetrate more evenly and deeper into the skin.

Here are the benefits dermaplaning claims:

-Immediately leaves skin looking smoother, refreshed, and glowy

-Removes hair & dead skin cells

-Increases skin’s ability to absorb product (An especially nice benefit if you’re buying the good stuff!)

-Makes makeup go on smoother, thus you need less

-Stimulates circulation of blood & lymph flow

-Softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

-Improves elasticity and texture

Will it make my hair grow in darker/thicker?

Removing the hair from your face cannot change its physiological makeup, so it won’t grow in any differently. You may notice it as it begins to grow back within 2-4 weeks, but once it’s in, it’s exactly the same “peach fuzz” texture it was before. 

Does it hurt? And can I get cut?

A dermaplaning facial does not hurt. You can even argue it’s less painful then shaving your legs or armpits, as the hair you’re removing is much softer and fine. All you feel (and hear!) is a tiny scraping against the skin. Of course there is always a possibility of being cut while using a sharp instrument against the skin (again, like shaving your legs), but the odds are very slim if receiving this procedure from a trained professional.

Dermaplning is not recommended for those with oily skin or acne, as it can sometimes exasperate the problem. Excess oil needs a hair shaft to travel down to remove it from the face, so if it has no where to go, it can sit on the skin and further clog your pores. 

Some women have success preforming this procedure themselves at home, however, if you’ve never had a dermaplane before, we recommend finding a trained professional at a local spa or plastic surgeons office.

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