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Day Cream VS Night Cream

Day cream vs. night cream: is there a night and day difference? Should you be using both?

First, think about this: During the nighttime, you’re lying motionless in a dark room, resting while your body repairs itself. During the daytime, you’re out and about in the world, facing harsh elements like the sun and air pollution. Now let’s dig deeper…

Day Cream
The main job of a day cream is to protect and block out the elements you’re exposed to during the day. They contain ingredients like SPF, which is strictly a daytime need. Since they’re often used under makeup, the consistency of a day cream is thinner. Sometimes day creams even contain tint, such as in a BB cream, for an alternative to wearing foundation.

Night Cream
Instead of ingredients that protect and block out, a night cream is rich with ingredients to repair and replenish the skin, as this is the overall mission of the body while at rest. Ingredients that repair, like retinol, can sometimes make your skin sensitive to the sun, so while beneficial at night, could be damaging during the day. Night creams are thick to restore moisture lost during the day, thus aren’t really suitable for wearing under makeup.


So should you use both? In a perfect world, your best bet would be using different products to target these different scenarios, and the older and dryer your skin is, the better off you are using separate creams. But if you’re not able to use both, or simply don’t want the hassle of using separate products, your skin isn’t going to revolt. Just be sure to pick a cream with SPF so you’re not without protection during the day.

Peter Thomas Roth: Max All Day Moisture Cream
Smashbox: Camera Ready BB Cream
bareMinerals: Purely Nourishing Cream

Korres: Wild Rose + Vitamin C
Boscia: Super Charge Overnight Moisture
Clinique: Repairwear

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