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Dating Advice: Make Him Swoon Over You


Have you ever wondered how to get a guy you like to fall for you?  Well here is some helpful dating advice to get that guy you like or a new man to see that you exist!

Tip # 1: Don’t be a copycat

This might sound cliché but you need to be yourself in order for a guy to like you. Do not try to be like his ex or your friends. Often times there is a large list of “do’s” and “don’ts” to find a guy that accepts who you are. But when someone loves you for your personality, this means he cares about you for you. Single? If you want to make minor adjustments revamp your style or focus on things you love more.  If you love rock concerts or eco-friendly cooking, present this with a fun 80′s vintage tee or a sustainable grocery bag when you go to the store or out to lunch. This can attract a guy who shares your common interests and can perhaps be a conversation starter. Already dating? Remember, you are happier when you do the things you love, so why not show this side of you off, no matter what.  Instead of making him guess what you like; show him things you enjoy doing. Without over planning, set a date to do something he has never done in his past relationships & remember to do something you enjoy to see if he is your right fit.

Tip # 2: Say it right

Whether at a bar or at a bookstore, the initial “hello” can either have you or not. So when being approached by a guy that you find attractive keep calm, cool & collected. If he asks for your number and you are interested, be polite but not overly excited, make eye contact and leave a lasting smile. Now what if the rolls are reversed? After all, we are in the 21st century! Stay conservative with your question, maybe make a joke or give him a lasting “gaze” impression. Let him come to you and see if this works, if so, don’t be afraid to leave your number or business card with him. So if a 1st date occurs, then play these rules equally and cautiously, but don’t be afraid to open up. Remember, when first dating, it is important to focus on the “getting-to-know-you” stage. Everyone has their moments of nervously but  remain keen on asking him questions and letting him ask you back. Going back & forth will produce an engaging conversation and offer equal control of the situation, having him ask you questions in return.

Tip # 3: Be Mysterious

Being mysterious and keeping secrets are two different things.  When being mysterious involves not saying too much but being truthful at the same time. Keeping secrets from the one you care for or the person you are interested can negatively impact your relationship. For example, if he invites you to eat, don’t respond too quickly, especially if you are at work or busy. Give it some time and answer in a relaxed tone and remain positive. Even if you had a rough day at work, this first date is not a therapy session. However do not go out with friends and then post on your social network and tell him differently. This will give him a change of heart faster than you can change your relationship status on Facebook. :wink:

Remember, these are but a few tips to take into consideration. But you should always keep in mind that fate brings two people together and common interests and personality are what grow a bond that is mean to be.

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