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Data Shows Thongs Are Out, Granny Panties Are In

We have the most comfortable news EVER that your bum is going to love (if it isn’t already). Times they are-a-changin’, and there’s a shift happening in your panty drawer: market research shows that millennials and Generation Y consumer groups are ditching thongs in favor or full-seated briefs. That’s right, thong sales have decreased by 7 percent over the last year, while boy shorts and briefs have grown by 17 percent. This coule be due in part to the growing array of fuller-coverage undie options, and brands like Calvin Klein with their sexy Instagram campaigns making them cool again. Either way, we’re in…bigger panties, that is. So bye bye, permanent wedgie, and hello underwear lines- the comfortable booty is back. 

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Photos: Hank Shiffman/Shutterstock

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