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Dani’s Story

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By: Sally Stevenson
Photos: Allen Carrasco and Angela Rose

Pregnant at 17, homeless at 21 and a millionaire at 23 is a story that catches people’s attention. No, it was not an inheritance or the lottery. It was not luck or a handout. It was good old-fashioned hard work.

Dani Johnson did not start her career with big dreams or high aspirations. Raised in a violently abusive, drug infested home, she started her first business out of the trunk of her car, using a pay phone to contact prospective clients. Homeless and desperate, she began marketing a weight loss product and soon realized that helping herself enabled her to help others. Helping others is the foundation on which her businesses are built, and over the last 20 years, it has led her to become successful beyond her wildest dreams. Dani does not lead with her words, but rather by example; she is humble, genuine, and willing to share all that she has learned with others.

“I have a moral obligation to help,” says Dani.

Currently, Dani and her business partner/husband, Hans, juggle seven businesses including Dani which produces her First Steps to Success and Creating A Dynasty seminars. These life altering events are presented solely for the purpose of helping others realize their full potential, while sharing the profits with many charities, her favorite being Kings Ransom Foundation. Kings Ransom, in turn, uses every dollar that is donated to help hundreds of thousands of people facing desperate situations.

Ambassador for Hope, Truth and Opportunity

Kings Ransom provides ongoing assistance to various causes both domestically and internationally such as: aiding abused women and children, supplying clean water to impoverished areas, helping child victims who have been forced into the sex trade, and providing emergency disaster relief for victims of various catastrophes. Some recent examples of this emergency relief include the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, the tornados in Alabama, fires in Texas, the tsunamis in Japan, Philippines, and India, just to name a few. One of their longer term projects currently in full swing is providing both money and sweat equity to build a new home for orphans in Belize. “The need is great,” says Dani, adding “everyone has something they can give - be it time, money, or a skill. We all need to get involved.”

Millions of viewers across the country became familiar with Dani Johnson and heard her remarkable story for the first time in early 2011. She was voted “America’s Favorite Millionaire” as the premiere episode of ABC’s Secret Millionaire and made appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The View to promote the series. As proof that America loves Dani, for eight hours after the premier episode of ABC’s Secret Millionaire, was the number one Google search, and it continues to attract a massive viewership. As a result, Dani Johnson is becoming a household name.

Success coach and self proclaimed “Ambassador for Hope, Truth and Opportunity”, Dani is someone you want to know. She is a gorgeous, energetic, passionate, fiery, woman on a mission. She says her goal is to “mobilize people for change”, but as you listen to her speak in a rapid fire manner, she mentions goal, after goal, after goal…Another goal: Dani and Hans want to give away one million dollars a month!

They plan to accomplish this by helping tens of thousands of more people. As she helps more people achieve their goals, these efforts will in turn help her and Hans donate generously to those in need.

Kings Ransom

Secret Millionaire was not the beginning of Dani Johnson’s generosity. It was actually this generosity that was a main factor in drawing ABC to pursue her to be a guest on their show. Although she declined the offer from ABC Television four times, the network refused to take no for an answer. ABC was intent on featuring Dani on their show as a perfect example of someone who was already living her life by design and “giving purpose to money”. She caught their attention with her legendary generosity as well as the verifiable results of those she has worked with.

The empire that she and her husband are building to help change a nation in crisis has always been focused on others. Although she and her husband have multiple businesses, her passion for helping people has led her to international recognition as a life coach and best selling author who speaks on the subjects of finance, career building, and relationships. She draws huge crowds at her seminars, filled with new people eager for change, as well as those who have learned from Dani over the years. Her loyal followers are wondering why it took the rest of us until now to discover what they have long known – Dani Johnson is able to empower and equip people to make changes that transform lives profoundly and permanently. Though these changes are simple, they produce dramatic results.

As a multimillionaire, Dani is often asked why she still works. There are a few reasons, but each of them is rooted in giving back. “There are a lot of desperate people crying out, not knowing how to help themselves,” Dani says. She would like to teach each of us how to annihilate our debt, increase our income and share our time, as well as our money, to help those in need. Another motivating factor that keeps Dani working is the 5,000 domestic and international orphans that are fed, clothed and educated by the Johnson Family.

Dani and Hans are a dynamic duo. Although Dani is the public face of, she speaks of Hans lovingly and often and gives credit to his brilliance by referring to him as “the man with seven brains”. The combination seems to be unstoppable in both generosity and accomplishments. With several potential ventures in the works, the couple’s future is bright, evolving and, as they continue to prove, without bounds. This powerhouse couple may live in Texas, but their future projects and international reach may soon make them as recognizable as any Hollywood couple.

Dani’s passion for teaching others to spend wisely begins with the simple step of assessing our kitchens. The average American home over-spends, wasting large amounts of money at the grocery store, often throwing away items that go bad before they are ever consumed. Dani is a gourmet chef who cooks not only for her family of six every night but regularly feeds additional guests — she does this on an average of $100 a week! Below, she shares one of her spectacular (budget-friendly) meals with us.

Hmmm… could one of her upcoming projects possibly be a cookbook?

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