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Alternatives to Dairy Milk

There are many reasons to ditch cow’s milk in favor of another- allergies, lactose intolerance (Approximately 65% of people have a reduced ability to digest lactose!), lifestyle choices like veganism, or simply being more health conscious. There have even been links between dairy consumption and acne- yikes!

So if you are needing or wanting to make the switch, what are some alternatives?

-Most popular choice.
-Made from bean extract of soybeans
-Comes in sweetened & flavored varieties
-8 to 10 grams of protein per serving, but lacks in calcium
-Regular consumption increases estrogen, and has possible link to breast cancer
-Check to make sure you’re buying a non-GMO brand

-Naturally sweeter, but comes in unsweetened and other flavors (i.e vanilla)
-Only 1 gram of protein per serving
-Contains 25% of daily vitamin D, and is high in vitamin E
-You can easily make your own at home with a blender and cheese cloth/nutmilk bag

-Closest in consistency to cow’s milk
-Great alternative for those with soy or nut allergies
-Tasty when used as coffee creamer!
-5 grams of saturated fat per serving, but that’s the heart-healthy fat
-1 gram of protein and 100 mg of calcium per serving

-Made with rice and water, so has a thin consistency
-Has a natural sweetened taste
-Most allergy friendly of all cow’s milk alternatives
-Low in nutrients naturally, but are usually added later
-Contains almost no protein, and is high in carbohydrates

-Great alternative for those with allergies to soy, nuts, and gluten
-Made from hulled help seeds, water, and sweeteners
-High in omega-3 fatty acids (which hydrate skin and can boost heart health)

-Lowest in calories
-Contains no protein
-Has 30% of daily calcium, and 25% of vitamin D

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