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Create Your Own Custom Scent with Fred Segal’s DIY Fragrance Kit

We love custom anything-and-everything, especially when it comes to fragrance. And we’re not alone. We’ve spoken to tons of women who admit to lying about their perfume brand in hopes that nobody around them buys it, and it becomes their signature scent. The easier way to go about this is to just create your own custom scent from scratch, which is possible from the comfort of your own home…

Fred Segal’s custom fragrance kit The Blend is back, and you don’t need to be a chemist to get it right. The kit includes 10 single-note fragrance oils ranging from clean and citrus to warm and spicy. Each oil is stored in individual rollerball bottles that you swipe on as you go, and the idea is to mix them together until you find a scent (or several) unique to you. And if you’re not confident in your scent mixing skills, the kit also includes 10 different scent recipes to help get you started. 

The Blend kit became available at Sephora on March 31st for $150, a small price to pay for nearly unlimited custom scents, and the karma of not lying about your perfume.

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