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Confidence Boosting Hairstyles for the Office

Most women working their way up the corporate ladder believe that glamour and business don’t mix, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Overachieving women everywhere can rest assured that you can still look fabulous while building your career and reaching for success. First, there are some questions to be answered before deciding on a simple corporate hairstyle that will boost your confidence! There are many different scenarios in the business world. Are you trying to ace an interview? Maybe you just need a great everyday look or are you vying for that big promotion? There’s no need to worry! Here are some great confidence-boosting hairstyles for business-savvy women everywhere:

The Ponytail

pony-tail If you are going in for an interview you want to look professional, yet approachable. Nobody wants to hire someone who looks rigid and unfriendly so opt for a hairstyle that is sophisticated yet fashionable. Consider sporting a ponytail with a headband. Ponytails look much more put together than just a regular old ponytail and an elegant headband shows that you put in the additional effort to accessorize your hairstyle. Some highly recommended products for this style include a smoothing balm to keep hair looking sleek and shiny and a root boosting spray to add lift in the back.

If you are seeking a promotion at work a high ponytail and a confident attitude will be your best friends. You want to show that you mean business with a more serious style while avoiding an overly intimidating look. A high ponytail looks very professional and pulled together which is what every boss is looking for in their next rising star. The best hair types for this style are thicker and of medium to long lengths. For added oomph, curl the very end of your ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair seamlessly around the base of your high ponytail and pin it in to place.


The Sock Bun

sock bun

Most women have trouble deciding how to style their hair for work everyday so they wind up leaving it down or throwing it up into a regular ol’ ponytail. Don’t let a hectic work environment drag down your inner fabulous self. Socks buns are one of the best solutions for business women on the go. You can find inserts on practically every beauty aisle which you can easily thread your hair through and style into a cute and trendy bun. All you will need is a sock bun insert, bobby pins, and a hair holder.

The Braid


Wearing a braid to work, is convenient, fashionable and yet low-key. There are many types of braids but one of the quickest is an over the shoulder look. Simply grab your hair, place over your shoulder and do a regular braid downward.

The Pixie Cut



Depending on your face shape, there are various short hair cuts that are appropriate for this look. If you have straight or fine hair, a short “pixi” cut will be easy and manageable. If you decide on short, but have waves or thick hair, this could require a few minutes of blowdry time. The great thing about short hair? It requires little prep overall. This gives you time to do other important morning priorities, such as grabbing your favorite latte to go!

Barb Quinn is also known as Hairstyle Blog
Guest author has been a professional hairstylist for over 30 years and has established herself as a nationally recognized hair designer, educator, and freelance writer. Barb has been chosen by her peers to serve on the advisory panel of Cosmos C International the global hairstylist network and is the Men’s Hair Category Expert for Thousands of women each day follow Barb’s hairstyling wit and wisdom on her highly successful blogs Hairstyle Blog and Visual Makeover.

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