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Christmas Abbott Debunks Crossfit Myths & Defines Terms

Let’s be honest- Crossfit is intimidating. With the barbells, tires, and crazy-ripped Crossfit big-hitters you run across on Instagram, it doesn’t seem like a workout for the faint of heart.

Christmas Abbot disagrees. All of 5’3, this small but mighty fitness-ista is larger-than-life force in the Crossfit world, a regular at the Reebok Crossfit games, and author of The Badass Body Diet. (She recently shared a few of her best grain-free recipes for one with us!) And if you’ve ever felt intimidated by Crossfit, you won’t after you read what Christmas has to say to The Chalkboard. She’s breaking down common Crossfit terms and debunking myths that make it seem a lot less terrifying, just follow the link below.

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Photos: ChristmasAbbott.com

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