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Celebrities Who Love Fall Just as Much as You Do

Judging from all the plaid filling our Instagram feeds and the mass pumpkin fever that has taken over, it’s clear the world loves fall. Celebrities are no exception. These celebs just can’t pass up the chance of a good pumpkin selfie and are not above the lure of a good ole #PSL.

Shay Mitchell picking the perfect pair


Image via Instagram.com/shaym


Blake Lively had the fall-iest baby shower ever


Image via Preserve

Vanessa Hudgens is REALLY excited about her new pumpkins (or maybe she just remembered that she used to date Zac Efron)


Image via Instagram/vanessahudgens

Hilary Duff’s little pumpkin


Image via Instagram/hilaryduff

What would you do if you were at a pumpkin patch and ran into Rachel Zoe?


Image via Daily Mail

Or even better, Gwen Stefani?!


Image via Honestly Jamie  

Kendall Jenner getting some pumpkin love


Image via Instagram/kendalljenner

We all know what kind of lattes those are



Image via Off Kingdom

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