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Caring About Beauty Is Healthy, Says Science

Dear science, we’d like to officially apologize for hating on you in school, because you’ve just given us further proof that we need to stop feeling guilty over our obsession with beauty. Love, Women

Oh yes, ladies, science is now supporting our beauty habits! Well, some of them. According to a new study conducted by Dr. Vivian Diller, a practicing psychologist based in New York City in conjunction with CVS (Which, FYI, is expanding its in-store beauty offerings in the coming months!), caring about how you look and indulging in beauty are good for both your short- and long-term health. Diller says “these acts may help us live a long and vital life well into our 80s and 90s.” That’s not exactly what we were thinking when we dropped a paycheck at Sephora last week, but we’ll take it!

To read about why being beauty-conscious and “subjective well-being” changes your thought patterns, behavior, and interactions, follow the link below. (If nothing else, this is just more reason to buy the beauty products you’ve been eyeing, like this must-have skin perfector, or the best cat-eye liner ever?)

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