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Cardio is Key to your New Year’s Goals

cardio tips Cardiovascular Exercises Help You in Cut Down Weight and Increase Stamina

Cardiovascular exercises are the most popular category of aerobic exercises, why? These exercises increase the heart rate and burn fat effectively.

Running, jogging or brisk walking is considered some of the best cardio one can do. These exercises will contribute towards the improvement of twitch muscles in the legs. Endorphins the happiness hormones are released during the exercise, which makes running addictive and satisfying. The main benefit of this activity is that you do not require any equipment so you can virtually do this exercise anywhere fit for outdoors. Parks, your neighborhood and the beach are just a few of the ideal spots to let out energy and get your cardio on!

If you are taking jogging or running as a sport seriously and choose to do it often.. then it is best to look into specific items that can help make your exercise regimen for beneficial. For instance, route planners, jogging or running shoes, calorie counters, quality headphones are a few items that can make a difference in the effects of your workout.

Release of growth hormone helps in building muscles and burn the unnecessary fat deposited in the body. Moreover, your calf muscles will strengthen and become stronger. The more cardio you perform the better you will be and the longer you will last to build up stamina.

Not just Jogging…

swimming Swimming is an excellent cardio activity and has certain benefits over other forms of exercises. If you have a knee injury, you might have problem in performing other activities. Studies have revealed that swimming could heal certain injuries. Besides this, it provides a full body workout as it offers you resistance through the vast range of movements. By performing this activity, you may strengthen your abs, quadriceps, shoulders, triceps and hamstrings. Different strokes in swimming can help you to target different muscle groups and strengthen them.

Jumping rope may sound like child’s play but some of the top athletes in the world use this exercise in their daily cardio warm-ups. It can be considered as an easy way to burn fat in a confined space. To start with, you require a long rope and sufficient floor space. Many boxers and football players perform this activity because it keeps an individual light on the toes. To make it more interesting, you could learn variations in this activity. You could learn how to perform skipping backwards or with your arms crossed over.


Other effective Cardio Activities:

Shadowboxing is by no means easy but it is an excellent form of cardio that burns well over 1,000 calories per session.

Dancing is a good form of cardiovascular exercise, which helps you to burn fat and calories.

These activities will help you to get in shape and remain fit. Rowing is another effective exercise and this activity has low or no impact over your upper body.

Benefits of performing these exercises

Studies have revealed that these activities will improve your sleep. During the daytime, these exercises will raise your body temperature above normal. Later, before the bedtime, they decrease the body temperature. As a result, it triggers sleep.

Several health benefits are associated with these exercises. They will surely strengthen the bones, lower down the blood pressure, provides immunity towards diseases, strengthens the heart, and lowers the cholesterol level. Besides this, they improve the glucose tolerance and immune sensitivity in your body.

Author’s Bio:

Mark is a licensed medical practitioner, who also likes to write a lot of articles on topics related to science and medicine. You will also like his post on cord blood.


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