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Cooking Alkaline with Brande Roderick

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The smart, funny, not to mention beautiful Brande Roderick is a champion of eating alkaline, a dietary way of life making use of specific pH balanced foods that make your body more alkaline, versus acidic. According to this in-the-know model, actress and former Playmate of the Year, this way of life will help you feel better, lose weight, boost your immune system and avoid some health issues such as arthritis and heartburn.

The foods offered on an alkaline diet are, if nothing else, very good for you. There are lots of fruits and vegetables, soybeans and tofu, and some nuts and seeds, and abundant amounts of Alkaline88 water, while avoiding sugar, alcohol, red meat, and processed foods.

“Eating healthy isn’t so hard when done in moderation.”

When asked about her diet of choice, Brande mentioned, “It all started about 10 years ago when I visited a health spa in Palm Desert. That’s when the idea of eating alkaline was introduced. Before, I felt sluggish and suffered from extremely dry skin as well as from arthritis in my hands and knees. After introducing an alkaline diet, I was much more energetic, my skin felt better, I had less heartburn, and my joint pain was significantly less!”


By: Kelly Taggart

Photos: Aaron Brown

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