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Breathtaking Views with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours

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Explore the hidden Maui that can only experienced from the air. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers views of deep, meandering valleys set in the rainforest of the ancient West Maui Mountains. Witness the moon-like crater of Mt. Haleakala; knife-edged ridges with mist-shrouded peaks; spectacular valleys with waterfalls cascading down from towering cliffs into the streams running along the rainforest floor; secluded beaches and unforgettable coastlines.

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One comment on “Breathtaking Views with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours
  1. Trudy Angelina Taylor says:

    Pilot Chris Kaluau is the best of the best. He knows how to fly his aircraft - smoothly. It takes skill to fly a helicopter the way Chris does. If you ever come to Maui, be sure to ask for Chris. No guarantee of course, but you can try to fly with him. If you need to do some serious filming, Chris is the guy you need to ask for.

    Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Company is the cream of the crop.
    Thanks Patrick and health beauty.com for posting this on Utube.

    Trudy Angelina Taylor

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