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Blowin’ Up with Lilly Ghalichi, Star of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset


Combine unbridled ambition with other worldly beauty, add a huge dollop of charm, talent and digital savvy, sprinkle in a white-hot hit on Bravo, and stand back.

The Health Beauty Life team hooked up with the glam-obsessed Persian princess at her posh perch above Sunset Boulevard (yes, she lives on Sunset) for an afternoon chat and an evening shoot. Strong and unseasonably cold winds had blown through the day before leaving Los Angeles shiny clean with a clear blue sky turning indigo at dusk. With Sunset Boulevard at her feet and the LA skyline close enough to reach out and grab, Lilly gave us a glimpse into her world by sharing a few designs from her friend Michael Costello and hair and makeup artists Etienne Ortega and Rokael Lizama.


The media powerhouse that is Lilly Ghalichi is fast becoming a household name as an undisputed fan favorite on Bravo’s The Shahs of Sunset and oversees a flourishing line of glam products and apparel. With her pal, Jennifer Stano, she is receiving raves for her razor-sharp line of fit for a queen pool and party wear, Have Faith Swimgerie, and, thanks to her discriminating eye for detail and keen understanding of all things glam; she’s recently launched a line of positively lethal eyelashes, Lilly Lashes. Never satisfied, Lilly’s parlayed her love and understanding of the world of high fashion, glamour and style to expand her product offerings to include hair extensions and created her own line formulated exclusively from human hair, named appropriately, Lilly Hair.

“I’m from Texas…the bigger the hair, the closer to God!”

Lilly shares that Initially, the bikini line was available in upscale boutiques but the quality-obsessed entrepreneur quickly decided the only way to truly control the retail experience and deliver complete customer satisfaction was to offer the line through her well-appointed site, HaveFaith.com. A visit to the site is a cerebral experience that shouldn’t be missed. Go there, and be instantly transported to a sunny beach day and poolside frame of mind, with every accoutrement necessary to make your summertime party scene sparkle and shine. Lilly makes it all sound easy as she casually shares how she graduated from Loyola Law School cum laude only to take a different path to fame and fortune.


Propelled by an incandescent desire to achieve, and a love and understanding of all things glamorous, the hard working siren is fully engaged with an unwavering focus and the tenacity of a Bengal tiger.


Her work on Shahs of Sunset puts her squarely in the public eye every Sunday night at 9pm (on Bravo, 8pm central,) and some might consider her GLAM-aholic tendencies a little over the top. Undaunted, Lilly lets criticism roll right of slender shoulders with her usual self-confident determination. Through hard work and artful execution, she’s riding a wave of success, “I want to be a billionaire, with a B,” she states. From what we saw in Lilly, there is little doubt that her goals will be attained, her dreams will come true and there’s no limit to where she goes from here.

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