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Blake Lively’s Newest Venture - A Lifestyle Blog

It’s a blog…

it’s a shop…

it’s a philanthropic venture…

it’s Blake Lively’s website, Preserve!

If you’ve already visited Blake’s less-than-a-week-old site and are feeling a bit skeptic, you aren’t alone. The site is currently facing a bit of backlash by confused readers.

Upon arrival to Preserve.us, the look and feel isn’t what one might expect from the bright and sunny Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. Dark, moody colors and filtered photos fill its pages. Images of tattooed, mustached men in “lived-in” white tees and barefoot models in modern-vintage duds help give Preserve its rustic chic feel.


It’s a blog… covering topics ranging from style, culture, intimacy, taste, and projects, with blog titles such as “The Art of Letter Writing,” “Kick Ass Baby Back Ribs,” and “Backwoods Barbie.”

It’s a storefront… selling hand-crafted goods by global artisans at all price ranges. (We’ll take this ring, this thought bubble, and the vegan hot fudge, please!)

It’s a philanthropic effort… the admittedly for-profit company has admirable goals, like their first of “giving 5,000 children a meal, 2,000 children a blanket, and 2,700 children a warm hoodie, all within the U.S.”

Still not sure what to think? Blake’s Editor’s Letter (seen here) might offer further clarification, or try watching Preserve’s haunting introductory video…

We certainly can’t predict where this site will end up, but we think there’s more than meets the eye. We applaud that the site aims to evoke feeling, and further poking around its pages reveals real, raw, and admirable intentions that leave us optimistically hopeful for its future…

“We acknowledge that we are human and are flawed. But please accept, our intention is to do something pure. So we ask you, let this be a conversation. Help us grow. Help us give. Please critique us, teach us and be patient with us in the process, as ultimately we are all in this, this spinning sphere, together.”

To borrow from Blake’s own Editor’s Letter send off, this has been written with “excitement and sincerity” for the future of Preserve. We’ll be watching!


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